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Remembering 2014 - My Detailed Life.

QuoteIts been an year to remember, Captive Of Thoughts entered into a much better phase. From a non-professional blogger, much keen to being updated as stories, poems, I designed it to look much more sophisticated, clean and simplified.

I did learn much more about Placement of advertisements along with the complete design, and the likeness of viewers/readers. Perhaps, what they say about food, does apply to our blogs too, "You first eat with your eyes".

With this, I did design what seems a simplistic blog design and I plan to continue this for a time and more! But there was more about this year, than any of the two behind, considering this blog. Twenty-four posts this year. Ten more than 2013, and Twenty more than 2012. It has been a great progress, and this might have not been possible if the people around me haven't supported, in every task. There are people, who supported me in every post and writing of mine, and I am really grateful of their act. Hopefully, there are much better posts coming in next year, following my completion of 12th standard, and, that also means, that there won't be any post on Captive Of Thoughts, in next 4 months perhaps. Don't worry, it is often worth the wait.

But today, lets remember what we created all this year, and what people loved the most. In-case you missed any, now you may not! For, I bring you the best and the worst of 2014 at Captive Of Thoughts.

Captive Of Thoughts - Year 2014
The year at Captive Of Thoughts.

  • January
The year started with the story that was loved throughout the year. Named, "The Setting Sun", it talked about a person's heartbreak as he sat on a bench, looking at the horizon with a marriage card that did not belong to him. Perhaps, people connected a chord with it, and it stayed at number 1 ranking for record-6 months. The other post in this month was much of an monologue of me expressing everything I felt at that time. The darkness seemed to express the light, in a much lighter way.

  • March
Another edition in the story, which was well received by the readers. "Looking back..." was one such story, whose success mattered none to me, since it was written in pure joy and self satisfaction. I accepted a guest post in this month from Aashish Nehete in his post, "Belief, Hope and Faith" which talked about the different perspective to God, religion and our tentative faith, and behavior in it. The final post of this month coming as a tip to someone drowning when me-myself was under-water. Yes, the final post- "How to overcome stress?" was one such post. Fortunately, this remained on second most loved post for a long time.

  • April
Its hard to believe that I wrote 8 posts this month. The biggest since this blog's inception. This month included some of the new elements to the blog, Photography and Hindi Kavita. Starting with a new concept, the first post of the month was "Jaise rooth gaye ho apne humse", which was again, well received by the audience. The posts following it were the photography posts titled, "The Art Of Tray". 3 Photography posts until I came up with the Story once again, this time, titled - "The Truth which lied in front of Me". Interesting story as quoted by reader, you should give it a try too. Another guest post which followed this month was by Pratham Agarwal, who beautifully wrote on - "Physical Appearance - Does it Matter?". The month ended with a story which is till this date renowned as the BEST STORY of Captive Of Thoughts. Shared, thousand more times and entered the top 5 in 4 hours of being posted, and never left from that spot. "As She Walked Away", was caught as the most touching, loved and versatile emotional story. There are many people who I need to thank, but this story being this famous makes it a reward for them.

Here, the links to the post of this month.
  • September
The only post in September being "The Moonlight", a short paragraphed story. Much to the anticipation, it brought many loyal readers to our ship.
  • October
Nothing special in this month except for my birthday. Though we had 5 posts in this month, but 3 of them were the pictorial posts to the stories posted in the months before. The other significant things posted in this month were my picture Quotes. And yes, also a Diwali post for no pollution.

  • November
From this month, began the wait for the Online Series by Captive Of Thoughts, titled The Stalemate. A formal announcement that the Chapter 1 will be launched on 9th December 2014. And yes, people did wait for this. Thanks to all of them. The other post in this month was the Lost Desire.

  • December
This was the month probably which I was waiting for. Chapter 1 from my online novel named, "The Stalemate" was finally published. And much to my delight, everyone loved it, and how did I know it, its when they started inquiring about when is the chapter 2 launching. Felt, really good that time. Yes, the second chapter will be posted in April.
Grieving instances of this month, the Peshawar Attacks, no words could match their sorrow, but I tried inculcating, and saluting those mothers, in my poem - "Mother Told Me To be a brave boy". The poem went viral on the social media, but then, I never fancy celebrating such thing. The last post of the month was a guest post by Aashish Nehete again, "The Murder Victim - Can you find out who?". One heck of an interesting story by him. 

Its been an amazing year, and hope so, the next one continues to be. On this note, let me take an off for few months. Meet you after that. Thanks for the support.

Tuesday, December 23

The Murder Victim - Some Stories Are Better Left Incomplete

The cold sting shot up her spine. The sight of a dead body lying in a pool of thick red blood was enough to make her sick. The fact that it was her rival didn't help either. Though she always hated her, death made matters complicated. A human thinks clearer in these situation. Moreover a teenager, with all those hormones swimming in the blood vessels, are worst while dealing with these matters.

She gently pulled out the knife lodged in the deceased’s stomach. Touching the cold blade finally freed the subdued emotions in her heart and she let out a cry. A man rushed, then another and soon there were a handful of adults.

The human possesses a judgmental character. The one which leaps to conclusions at the sight of things and thinks that he is the most right person in the room. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that every man possess a will of evil towards his fellow humans. He is just always under the impression that only he himself is right, unless someone agrees with him, then they are right too along with himself. This self-proclaimed king of human thus clouds himself from further truth and general opinion.

The knife in her hand, the dead body on the floor and the look of panic mistaken for hatred made matters worse for the heroine of this story. In a few days she was a criminal in the eyes of the public and some more days later, in the eyes of the law too, but I don’t think that matters here.
The way she was talked about was truly sorry for someone who knew the truth about the matters. Her, me and now everyone who’s reading this. She was cursed, tortured (mentally) and traumatized. And a fragile heart cannot bear these lies. Maybe because she had seen death before or maybe because someone drove her towards this; her body readily accepted her mind’s decision. She was no more.

The truth is known to only a handful of people. The spectators must rely on the trust they hold for any one of them and assume that to be the truth, but is it always true what you think is right? That’s it. We have got it. The truth is not what you feel is right or what others feel.

After all of this if I’m to tell you that she did commit the murder. It’s possible because I started this narration after the murder had been already committed. Your facts are only true as much as I tell you but are mine true. In the end ask this question to yourself, who is the murder victim here?

Aashish Nehete

We thank Aashish for taking out time and writing this short, but not sweet story for us! We look forward to have you on board, more than forever times. Cheers!
We thank Alexa (Blog) for the ranking - We are now under top 25,000 websites of India.

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Wednesday, December 17

Mother told me to be a 'Brave Boy' - #PeshawarAttacks

Forgive my killers mother,
They surely do not understand,
What it feels to be human.

Forgive my killers mother,
They themselves haven't been,
A parent another soul.

Forgive my killers mother,
For they plead no guilty,
and they do not deserve to get one.

Forgive my killers mother,
For I'll meet my creator now,
He might have an answer.

Forgive my killers mother,
For they were in the dark,
Blinded by blood all over.

Forgive me as well mother,
For I could not return,
To your voice uttering, "Come back home soon".

You always told me to be a brave boy,
Today, I ask you to be a brave mother.


Tanishq Sharma with, Editions provided by Pratham Agarwal

Its dreadful, its painful, to realize this fact, that such acts, such horror comes out every turn of events.
Terrorism has no religion, It will never have, its about us working together to remove every bit of it.
Lets take a moment of silence, for the words seem to vague to express such grief.

Tuesday, December 9

Stalemate: Chapter 1 - The Queen Escapes.

"I wonder the limits of the skies above,
None too much than the skies inside,
I often find myself looking back in the past,
Its then, that I realize, I've been a good teacher to myself
- Tanishq Sharma"

Stalemate - Captive Of Thoughts

He refused to stay with her, and walked out of her house, and her life simultaneously. But, it was his old habit – to fight, shout, abuse and go out of the house and come back in the evening. Out of her life, she had thrown him a long time ago but the roof, remained intact. She had adjusted to that kind of living, she couldn't do anything to make the situation any better. Perhaps, which wife does not want peace in her life, wherein she dreams of evening walks with her husband or a blissful morning talk over a cup of tea? Dreams of the support she presumes from her husband, when she tries to scold their children, over a nasty result at school. These situations, form a crust of a normal household every wife dreams of. But, it was something which was not supposed to be a part of Natasha’s life. Within a span of 4 years of her marital life, she was on the verge of ending it, or perhaps, merely accepting the decision taken by her husband.

She was always a joyful girl, among the brighter ones in her academic life. Being raised up in a middle class Indian family, she was taught to respect family values more than anything. It was, therefore that she did, all she could to save her marriage, to remain in the boat which sailed with the winds which she herself would have never accepted to be felt. She endured, she learned, but everything has a threshold. Sooner or later, it all seemed coming. It was an arranged marriage, one which is done at a risk of allowing each other to understand oneself, and moreover, to adapt to the situations they will be contracted in. It was as comfortable as a breeze in the first year, but things started to break down there after. Call it the misunderstandings in her in-laws or the mutual bonding never rising above the bar of insecurities, whatever it was, it lead them to a place where they never wanted to end up at.

If there wouldn't have been a reason, she would have left this home a long ago. It was not because she didn't want to make things right, but because continuous tries of making it better had taken up all her energy, all her compromises in vain. If she was still here, enduring the pain, her non-interested husband gave her, it was because of the same voice, which clutched her suit from below, and nudged her asking, “Mummy, papa kahan gaye?”. Her three year old daughter had asked with utter silence following her words. Those quiet and childish words had looked Natasha straight into her eyes, which then traveled deep into her soul, asking her various questions about why had she landed up in such a situation, and why is her daughter being punished for the same, for the mistakes they were making. If there was something she could convey to her daughter, it was mere silence. It conveyed messages to her daughter, the ones she couldn't convey, with her words. Her daughter, without asking anything more, went to carry off her own tasks.

Standing there still, in a position and looking at her daughter, she knew something had to be done. A strong step out of the fears might end up improving lives of just not one, but many people around her. In the numb state, which now seemed homely to her, she dialed a number, Advocate Amish Shukla’, her mobile displayed. “I want to file a divorce case”, she said. Her daughter heard, but could not comprehend it. Natasha didn't make an effort to explain her.


She had befriended time, not only because she habituated the change in which it travels, but because it had seen the tears she had shed, the smiles which struggled through tough times. It was also a spectator when a gist of happiness came in her life – her daughter, Neha. It was a time of life when worries weren't a part of scheme she had opted for. Probably, time had also witnessed her endurance of married life, and the pains she had gone through. Perfect for befriending, it was now covering up the wounds inflicted by the battle, she had long fought back. There were countless moments, when she was silenced by her own voice asking her various questions. One such day, Neha came home crying. 

Natasha hurrying towards her, worried that she might be hurt, asked her, “What happened beta?”
Neha refused to answer, and to eat. Upon asking her several times, she opened up. “Today, my friends were talking about their fathers, about the gifts they receive from their dad, about their family picnics, Mummy, why don’t I have a daddy like them?” It was an innocent question from someone who had less knowledge of the world which resided outside her six years of experience. Natasha repeated what she always said, “Aapko mumma ne bola tha na, papa ache nahi the, toh mumma ne unhe apni gudiya se bahut door bhej diya”. There is something about pain, it strikes you back when you are the weakest. It was something which was easy to feed to a six year old, but deep inside their bonds both the generations realized, it was a fact, they had to accept. With eyes reflecting the silence of still water, Neha went to complete her school’s work.

It was often, that Natasha had to overcome situations such as this one. Situations like, when she was called in for Neha’s parent teacher meeting – but always turned up alone, without her husband. No one notices much, but the tender hearted Neha, must have asked million questions so as to why it had to be her. Who can explain a heart as soft as hers, that it was something which fate decides, because it doesn’t see circumstances, situations and the life which is left behind? The hardest part of all was the occasions when Neha might overhear her aunt talking about her mother’s someone. And, without much words, would understand, that it was the same one, who was not good, and was sent very far away from her – her father.

Natasha was a businesswoman, who had started most of her work after her divorce, with some help of her contacts. With time, she understood, that it was not Neha whom she had to take care of, but it was she herself, as Neha complimented her mother’s sadness with a rainbow of joy. For Natasha, her daughter was everything. A reason why she woke up every morning, reason why she worked, took all the pain, and was still alive. The mornings had started to bring back their gleam of happiness, and nights retreated with their treasured stories.

Evening had dawned upon, Neha was busy painting her artworks while Natasha prepared the evening meal with her domestic help discussing household issues. It is something – irrelevant of age, culture, or profession, every woman discusses. Neha, with her face as bright as the morning sun – came running towards her mother and showed her, her little creation. Standing vividly in a center of the picture, were figures of a man, a woman, and a little girl. The imagination conveyed a simple message, it was a family.

What fumed in Natasha’s conscious, no one might ever know but she tore the drawing apart, and shouted on Neha for drawing such a thing. Her words, loud and clear echoed twice in Neha’s ears, “Your father is dead, he is no more – do not ever think about him. Others might have theirs’, but you don’t. You only have your Mumma, and that is enough.” Neha had uninvited tears. She ran down to the living room, to hide her tears like every time. The land-line, placed in the room rang. Neha, went to pick it up. “Hello”, said the cute little voice of Neha. 

It looked like there was no explanation needed when Neha heard the voice from the other side of the receiver, a voice coming from a place very far, a place called past, as the manly voice replied, “Beta aap kaise ho?”.
to be continued...
Tanishq Sharma

Thank you for reading, it surely does mean a lot.  There are too many people for me to thank, they know who they are. Please take a moment to share the story, it will be appreciated.It gives us motivation to write more, and better. The chapter 2 will be announced soon, until then keep reading. Once again, a big appreciation for taking out time, and reading it.

Thursday, November 27

The Lost Desire - Some stories are better left incomplete...

He was in a process of decline, the one which felicitates isolation from the world. Call it the stress at job, or the lack of passion which interpreted in every sphere of his life. It had been 3 years to the day they tied the knot, and the morning following that night was something they would never forget, he had made a breakfast for her. In a span of few minutes which had measured few years along, everything seemed complete. Yet, every morning today, all they do, is to execute the mutual exclusiveness of formality over a cup of caffeine, which they had stopped choosing, they were content with whatever being served.

The mornings passed as the dew drops falling off a leaf to which it no more belonged. The afternoons were the time they indulged in their work, evenings were spent in travelling and the nights in depression.

It was a tiring winter day, a season where even the sweat of hard work chills you down with cold. Sitting on the coffee table, waiting for his daily charge of caffeine, he seemed puzzled with thoughts. There, he sees Natasha bringing his coffee, and just like the previous days admires her, looking at her in daze, in an adorable way, just as she approaches him, she is struck with the presence of a wooden plank on the floor, and the absence of the very same thing from her eyes. She tumbles down. Rajat runs towards her witnessing it, and asks her whether she is fine or not. "I cannot walk, my foot hurts", she said. Rajat knew what was to be done, he picker her up and carried her to the room.

He isolated from her, or vice-versa - they could never come to the conclusion. They still loved each other, the things were perfect just like how it were that morning, but something seemed to lack. Both knew the answer, but none of them ever question. It was passion.

There are stages of life when you have to steps which decide you immediate future, and as well as the one which eventually settles down in coming years.

In those 20 seconds of travels, he had a ride which belonged to his past, to his beloved marriage, and the comfort ability which they shared, seemed to return to its not-so frivolous state. The 20 seconds had taught him the value of someone's presence, and her - the value of him. There was a smile, and a blush which rose on each face. He admired her the whole day, taking care of her foot. They had brought back the old touch, touch of love, touch of inspire, a touch which makes them feel loved, a touch with sparks of life. It was a cold night, and a longer one than usual.

The morning was reminisce to the past, which Natasha fondly remembered - "Good Morning", said Rajat, bringing a cup of coffee and French toast to serve with.

Tanishq Sharma

Please do not forget to share the story . 

Note : This post was written for a competition on my second channel PixelatedCam. You can check it here.

Tuesday, November 11

9th December 2014 - Are you ready?

There are times when you have to take big steps in your life - they allow you to reach a new summit. 
Until now, I have written 6 stories with each one getting a huge audience to entertain. They have delivered pain, they have soaked emotions, and at the same time - they have been the shoulders of many crying eyes. To take the journey ahead - on a path, way different than the one we have been travelling up until now, We introduce a web-series of a short story. Yes - an Online Novel with Chapters being published as the time goes on.

We, welcome, you to join us on our journey with emotion, love, hatred and reality. Watch out - as the first chapter goes live on Captive Of Thoughts on 9th December 2014.

Will leave you to decide - Register for the series here.
Thank-you, if you do register, it will be a big favor, because for a writer - his story being read is one of the greatest pleasure, he can receive.

Tanishq Sharma

Wednesday, October 29

As She Walked Away! - Pictorial

One of the most loved, shared, and appreciated story of this blog. Thanks for all the love. 
Here is a throwback!

Here, a little context:-

You can only relate to the pain if you have already been through it. The shortness of breath which seizes to be under your control, the wandering thoughts which wanders the empty tracks of past, now seems to be exhausted, decaying and eventually dying. I wanted to stop her, I wanted to refuse when she asked me to leave her, but I could not. I did not utter a single word, as if the mind had stopped thinking and the heart beats left their track.

Sunday, October 26

In Search Of Solace - Pictorial.

In Search Of Solace... 

Read here

The cold winds blow carrying the shivers of people with whom it traveled.The winds brought with them, cries of silence and the voices unheard.They conveyed messages of the ones who were unable to meet.Their growls bring the tune into the solace I try finding in silence of the dark. Continue reading...

Saturday, October 18

Do us a favor - Don't light crackers this Diwali.

If you can, do us a favor - don't light crackers this Diwali

With every blast above in the sky, there is a living creature which dies, an unnatural, tortured and a painful death. The feast to your eyes, declines future, a couple of steps forward. I am not going to tell you the harms of air pollution, we aren't kids to not understand that, instead I ll tell you a better way out of it.

So, what are the alternatives to celebrate Diwali with firecrackers you may ask? Beware! I am ready with the points.

  1. Rangoli Making!
    Show your artistry in making some beautiful Rangolis! Have a competition in your neighborhood about the same, because it is certainly better than showing off your richness in making the sky glow. Better leave that for moon.

  2. Diwali Feast!
    Your eyes have had too much, its time for big meals to make way to your stomach. So have big feasts with your big-big families.

  3. Diwali Shopping!
    Go for shopping! We, Indians love sale, don't we? Its time for the biggest sale in India

  4. Diwali Sweets!
    Sweets distribution, now who doesn't like that? A rhetorical question. There are so-oo-oo many varieties out there, from kaju katli to atta majhi satakli, there are just too many! Go out, try tasting them all.

  5. Diwali Promise!
    This diwali, gift your loved ones happiness, with a promise of change, with a promise of developing into a better human being and killing the negativity inside you, just like how Ramji finished ravana". And that is exactly why Diwali is celebrated in the first place.

There are million other short activities which can be accomplished on this occasion. Try indulging in them, do not let your enjoyment cause harm to environment, to its people. Whatever you give to nature, it is going to give you back. Make sure, it is positivity which is traded every time. 

On this note, have a beautiful Diwali.

Wednesday, October 15

Life has a price - Stories In Two Lines.

Who says life doesn't come with a price tag? From birth till death, if there is something which remains constant, its the struggle and rate of flow of Money..

-Tanishq Sharma

Tomorrow is too late to be Happy.

If you want to live, live today. If you want to do something which makes you happy, gives you peace, do it today, because tomorrow will never come, no matter how close it seems .

Because tomorrow is too late to be happy.
-  Tanishq Sharma

Tuesday, September 16

The Moonlight - Pinch Of Stories!

The Moonlight...

He was standing outside, in the cold wind of a colder terrace. Much colder was his heart, that had been left alone, from whom the comfort of warmth had been stolen. There was a strange gleam in his eyes, perhaps the thoughts were shining through them. Or, it could be the moon smiling back at him.

He was silent, quiet as the flow of midnight water, the one which flows gallantly, filled with smoothness and vigor of a royal walk. The emotions sailed through his soul, body and were transmitted out, partly through his shining eyes, and partly by the tears which were flowing without sneaking attention.

He stood against the pain, he believed that if pain has to come, then it may come quickly, because he has a life to live ahead, and dreams to achieve. Happiness to cherish, and sadness to cry upon. He had people to love, and people who loved, but, they were all gone, vanished like how a dream shatters every morning, leaving behind the amusements.

She was the strength he needed, probably, the absence of her was the reason he fell. But they believed, and they promised, that when they go their separate paths, and look upon destiny and the memories they had shared together, they wouldn't want regression to be a part of it.

Thursday, April 24

As She Walked Away - Some stories are better left incomplete..

You can only relate to the pain if you have already been through it. The shortness of breath which seizes to be under your control, the wandering thoughts which wanders the empty tracks of past, now seems to be exhausted, decaying and eventually dying. I wanted to stop her, I wanted to refuse when she asked me to leave her, but I could not. I did not utter a single word, as if the mind had stopped thinking and the heart beats left their track.

She was standing in front of me, I wanted to say a lot, wanted to tell her to wait, and make her understand. She was everything I ever dreamt of and I could not afford to lose her. How could I? She would be losing a moment in her world, I was losing my world in that moment. I wanted to convey everything, but I stood there, conveying just my silence.. which was an approval of what she wanted.

I do not know why she wanted to leave me, I did love her, so did she. What were the mistakes? we both were perfect and everything seemed alright! There were some common truths to be spoken, but those things would have come to their terms slowly and gradually. It was just ten months, that we had been together. Ten months. I wanted to live ages with her, wanted to grow old with her.

 She was the present I lived, and the future I thought, I never wanted her to be the past I'd remember. But.. often what we think, is not what happens. Maybe because we shape ourselves in that note, sometimes, we tend to think of every situation negatively, and sometimes, probably positive. None of which is true.

I had tried harder, tried a lot. There was no one to hear the shouts I screamed, there was no one to wipe the tears which flowed, deep down somewhere, in the soul. I was looking at her, she was looking at me. She had told her decision, I had quietly agreed in the state of being numb.

She was walking away. Leaving behind everything. The moments we shared, the joys we shared, the happiness of her share, and the tears too. She had given me all back, and was walking away. I could not call her, I could not tell her to wait, I was numb. How often in life, do we get into situations where everything happens very slowly yet you do not have any control on them. You just watch things happen and somewhere deep inside, gather strength to face the consequences. Because.. at that moment you do not have energy to fight the happenings and shape the consequences.

With every blank moment, she was going farther, farther away. Oh how I wish, I could gather some strength, walk up to her, hold her by arm and tell her that it is fine, we will do it. I love you and I won't let you go. But it was not to be.

And there she went, went away from the castles of dream I had constructed for her, from the palace of love, I had designed for her, beautiful as she was. She went without turning back, but I kept looking at her. She was plain beautiful, the same, when she walked into my life. She went, and the road now seemed empty. The dreams were broken, the palaces ruined. The hopes crushed, and the vision blurry...

Its been 8 years now, those moments do not leave me. She is now like a sweet memory which is stored somewhere deep inside me. A thought of her, once a day makes me alive, makes me happy. She came, she loved, and she went. It was as if a beautiful dream had come to an end, but her memories would always be with me. I had always wished her happiness, and it lied in leaving me, so how could I say no? Because there is no past tense in love, its either you still do, or you never did.

Saturday, April 19

The Art Of Tray - Depiction Of God Shiva, Nataraj.

About Nataraj
Nataraja or Nataraj, is a depiction of the god Shiva as the cosmic dancer who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for the god Brahma to start the process of creation.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Clicked by- Tanishq Sharma

Image subject to copyright.
For external use : /

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Thursday, April 17

Physical Appearance - Does It Matter?

Martin Luther King Jr. once said in his acclaimed 'I have a dream' speech,
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today. 
I think his dream still needs some doing, for today, if not by the color of one's skin, people are still judged everywhere, by their bodily characteristics.

A person in true sense should be known by his deeds, skills, opinions and actions, for those are the
factors that determine the outcome of one’s life. Although, in today’s age, physical appearance is
what pleases the masses more than one’s entire being, deeds and accolades.

People judge you by your physical appearance more than what you really stand for. For instance, when the cricketing legend, the God himself, Sachin Tendulkar came around, they called him a little prick who got lucky and that he won’t last long enough. Where are those people who were trembling with confidence of their verdict back then? Giving their verdict on another ‘prick’, perhaps :).

Family gatherings, classes, coaching, or be it public places, you are judged merely on the basis of your appearance.
Physical appearance is not something you work towards, it’s something bestowed upon you naturally and it shouldn't act as an impediment to further any cause in life, unless you’re a movie star. Even the quintessential movie star should exemplify scintillating stagecraft rather than just flaunting his/her body to no avail.

I am against this judgmental mind-set that most people exhibit, only to curb talent, and further an aesthetically pleasing person. It is rightly said that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, then why judge a person solely on outward form? It is human psychology to find a person’s happy demeanor or aesthetics appealing.

Appearance can direct a person’s life! For instance, things happen differently for a beautiful woman than a plain one. Why can’t things transpire the way they ought to for everyone? That’s a question we all can answer, not by our words, but by our actions.

- Pratham Agarwal

Note : This post is written by Pratham Agarwal  as a guest post under Captive Of Thoughts.

Monday, April 14

The truth which 'lied' in front of me - Some Stories Are Better Left Incomplete..

She was lying on the bed. Helpless, weak and unable to move. Her face had turned white, which now matched the color of the clothing the hospital had provided her. I was looking at her, close and plain. I was holding her hand tightly, to tell her that I am still there. To tell her, I am still with you, I am holding on and you can fight the battle.

She wasn't listening to me, I knew. She did not know that I was around her or anyone for that matter. It had been 8 days since she was in coma, after the traumatic accident happened.
It all happened in the blink of an eye, I can't blame her, it was not her mistake. It was the driver of that truck who had taken the wrong cut, out of the blue and she was left behind to face the consequences.
Past 8 days, She hasn't got up, and I haven't slept. I could not. Something in me, does not allow me to sleep, does not allow me to eat, does not allow me to live. I want her alright, I want her okay, I want her to be the same as she was, joyful, loving, caring, and mine. She was always full of life, but probably, it was the only thing she was lacking right now.

I was not ready to accept the fact, accept the truth which lied in front of me.

I kept holding her tightly, maybe she needed it. Maybe she knew deep inside that I was there for her. I was holding her tight and right. That I was not letting her go away. That I am beside her as I always was and always will. Nothing could take her away from me, she was mine and I would not give up.

All I had done last 8 days was to talk to her, to look at her and to contemplate her beauty.
"Aaj hum bahar khayenge. Okay Rahul?", She had told me while coming back from office that night.
I was there, on the phone. I had witnessed my love strangling, facing death.

How could I? I blamed myself. Maybe that night,If I would have picked her up from office and would have taken her somewhere, she would have been alright. How could I.
There were million things which ran through my mind, my body and my soul in last 8 days. My mind was exhausted, my feelings were exhausted and my soul, cried a song of defeat.

I cursed god, why  her? She was my everything. Everything good that has happened to me. How could he be so cruel?. Maybe my answers were the silent hopes. I looked at her again, she was still numb, as the water in a silent pond.  

I kept holding her hand. It was night time, probably another night when I will not sleep. I kept looking at her, talked to her, told her that everyone was missing her and she needs to get well soon. Everyone is planning a trip with her, and won't go without her, I told her.
With every word I said, a tear came out. I stopped it, I told it that nothing is going to happen. You don't need  to flow. She is absolutely fine, she is mine and I will not let anything happen to her.

I kept my head at the side of her bed as I cried to no extent. Maybe my body had given up, and my soul was tired of crying, maybe no more tears were there inside of me. As I lay there, I could feel something tight in my hand!
She was tightening her hold, making me feel assured that she is getting better. I got up suddenly, all my tiredness vanished and I felt happy at the same moment. She was responding finally, She was coming back. 

It did not take much time, she opened her eyes. I could not believe myself. Tears of happiness flowed through my eyes, and I was speechless. She was looking at me, recognizing me. She cried as well, and I hugged her tightly. She had no strength, no might to show how she felt. Everything around me had stopped. There was a sense of complete happiness, when I saw her opening her eyes and giving me a small smile.
I got up to call the doctor, she caught my hand tightly. She had tightened her hold and did not allow me to call. I explained her but she refused. She removed the oxygen gas and sat up alright on the bed and hugged me. 

She told me how much she loved me, she told me how much I mean to her. She told me everything she wanted to. I did not stop her, I was looking at her and crying as she did the same while speaking. I told her to calm down and told her we will talk when we back to home.

She kept quite. There was a strange silence. Something which did not feel familiar. 
"I do not have much time, love.", She told. I asked her what is she saying and got angry on her for saying such a thing. She was alright now. She came close to me, and she fell in my arms and it seemed as if my life had fell to the death.

I woke up suddenly, from the bedside I had kept my head on while crying for her. She lay there on the bed, as she did from last 8 days but this time, probably it was forever... I had lost her. I realized, It was all over for me, for life and everything to come in it as she lied there, sleeping forever...

Tanishq Sharma

Sunday, April 13

The Art Of Tray - In the midst of Worship.

“It was not intended as a compliment. It was a confession. Now that I have made it, something seems to have gone out of me. Perhaps one should never put one's worship into words.” 
― Oscar Wilde

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Clicked By Tanishq Sharma.

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Saturday, April 12

The Art Of Tray - There is we alone, and I together.

The darkness now seems to be withdrawn, from the ruins once shattered.
I stand at the summit of depth, holding strong the hope, and believe in my eyes, wide.
Appreciations won't matter to me, as long as I do not satisfy myself.
There are dreams to be fulfilled, there are voices to be heard.
There are tears to be cried and laughter to be heard.
There is we alone, and I together. :)

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Thursday, April 10

The Art Of Tray - Global Vipassana Pagoda

Here to the new section under Captive Of Thoughts! - The Art Tray

"Attitudes are mirrors of the mind, they reflect thinking."

The picture is clicked at Global Vipassana Pagoda, Gorai, Mumbai.
Something about Global Vipassana Pagoda

The center of the Global Vipassana Pagoda contains the world's largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars. The height of the dome is approximately 29 metres, while the height of the building is 96.12 meters, which is twice the size of the previously largest hollow stone monument in the world, the Gol Gumbaz Dome in Bijapur, India.

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Wednesday, April 2

Jaise rooth gaye ho apne humse - जैसे रूठ गए हो हमारे हमसे

Hai dhundhta woh andhero mein roshni aise, Ho gayi hai ghum, haathon se lakire jaise...

Kuch puchti hai ye tanhai humse 
Kuch gungunati ye gherai humse 
Hai lekin khamosh hum 
Jaise rooth gaye ho shabd humse
Jaise rooth gaye ho apne humse

Hai nazron mein laakh sapne saja rakhe 
Hai khwaisho mein laakh umeeda daba rakhi 
Hai lekin khamosh hum
Jaise rooth gaye ho sapne humne
Jaise rooth gaye ho apne humse

Monday, March 24

How to overcome stress? - A beautiful perspective towards problems.

It doesn't hurt. No, accept it. It hurts. 

I often ask myself, how to cope up with different things in life and every time I get a different answer.
There are lot many things going around to handle. The competition in the society is increasing at a pace faster than talent. In this rat race, it becomes inevitable to close your eyes and have a peaceful sleep. All your mind wanders around, is the mediocrity of your being, of your talents or the heaps of your failures. It is frustrating and probably that's the same reason you are here, reading this.
Here I am listing some points which help me cope up with everything on daily basis.

  1. Talk to Yourself - You are the one facing the problem. The pain is being inflicted on you. You know how much it pains. You know things about your problems that no one will ever know. Only you know what you have left behind in order to stand where you are standing now. Only you know your sacrifices. If the problems are with you, always remember, the solutions are also with you. And who else better than yourself, can teach you that?
  2. Go deep down to your problems - One thing which significantly helps me to reduce the tension and eventually solve problem is this technique. There is no point crying over the spilt milk. Things once done can't be undone. You need to realize some facts in order to find their solutions. No, I am not talking about moving on. Instead, I am against it. There is a saying, Cry as much as you can for the pain inflicted on you, but make sure, once you stop crying, you never cry for the same reason again. Yes exactly, If you go deep down to your problems, sure as hell, it will hurt you. Maybe way more than it did previously. But your unanswered questions will surely be answered.
  3. Investigate your pain - What are the exact reasons of your pain? Ever pondered on that? What is the reason it's hurting you? 10 years from now, will they still matter? Or make it 5. Will the things you are crying for, will hold a significant place in your life? Or probably, are they worth crying for?
    Do ask these questions to yourself, because when you get their answers, you ll realize how beautifully you were fooling yourself.
  4. Divert yourself until its the right time - Certain times in life, you step into situations which are too hard to be solved, or too complex to be understood. The best you can do in those times is to get away from all the negativity to let your positive thoughts flow. How to do that? Do something which you like. Watch some comedy videos. Or draw, dance, sing or whatever you are good at.
    Because, not only it gives you confidence by doing things you are good at but it also allows you to see your life through a different perspective.
  5. Talk to someone - There is always a person who wants the best for you, be it your father, your mother, your sister, your brother, your best friend, anyone or probably everyone above. You need to share your heart out, not only to talk to them about your sorrows but also to lighten the weight you have been carrying for so long. They may not give you the best advice, but it always feels good to know that you aren't alone. That somebody is there to stand with you. That somebody has faith in you, and hopes best for you.
    Do read the note at the end of this article.
  6. Let it go - And even after talking to yourself, going deep into your problems, investigating your pain, diverting your mind, or talking to someone doesn't help, then Let it go, mate. Many a times in life, we lose things. When we are a child, we cry for broken toys, when we grow up, we cry for broken dreams, and when we are finally dying, we itself cry for breaking up this life. So let it go, there are too many things in this life to be happy about. There is always a person who wants to see you happy, and if you are lucky, there are two, three and many. Learn to let go, at the end, we will die with nothing to ourselves, what we do in this world, would ultimately not matter, at least to us from above.

That is all mate, be happy. It is a short beautiful life. No need to take too much tension. I agree that there is lot of competition in this world, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to how better you have been than one you were yesterday :)

Tanishq Sharma

Many a times we hide our pain, sorrow and tears somewhere deep down within us, somewhere so deep that we eventually forget about it. That things, starts to fill us with bitterness from inside. To kill us, a slow poison. It happens because many a times, you don't have someone to talk to. At Captive Of Thoughts, We do not want anyone to go through this, we are here listening to you. To your problems. We do not want to know your name, it is absolutely okay if you want to keep yourself anonymous and just share your pain with us. Because, believe us, when we say we are listening, cause we are. Come - Talk to us (Keep on this to tell us your problems, we will keep it anonymous.)

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