Saturday, March 22

Belief, Hope and Faith

Belief. It is the strongest word found in the dictionary. The strongest weapon mankind has ever had, will ever have. The problem is just that, no one sees the potential in it. Whole regimes can fall, if we just believe.

Well, I must say, people did believed once upon a time, although it is lost now. This belief led rise to superstitions. Some may argue that superstitions are bad for the progress of the society while some would say that superstitions are their whole life. Well, all of them are actually half right. The need of belief in one’s life cannot be completely eradicated and thus it is right, while on the other hand, one cannot let these blind superstitions dictate their life and thus this is also correct. The Man, is filled with imperfection. You give him something good, he will use it to such an extent that it will no longer be good. Man, the word Evil explained in one word. The same thing happened with superstitions.

There is this little weird thing I have got going. En route to my school every day I see this advertising hoarding. Nothing great about it, just a normal advertisement, but every day I make it a point to see the hoarding. I believe that seeing this hoarding will make my day go well and by chance if I miss it, it will go bad. Now you must be thinking that what is the connection between my life and the hoarding? There’s none, but the belief that I’m going to having a nice day is then planted in my mind. The correct words here are Hope and Faith. Seeing the hoarding makes me stop thinking about the day. Everyday questions arise in one’s mind about how their day’s going to be, will it be nice? Would something bad happen to me? So many questions but no answers. This leads to stress and the day is spoilt anyways.

I’m an atheist but have no ill feelings towards people who follow religions. I just believe that the concept of God was created so that people will have Hope and Faith in their lives. So that they don’t have to worry about… well worry. When you believe in God, you believe that He will be there to support you during your hard times and will spin your lives. We just have to do one thing, enjoy. Over time, this concept remained intact but the point of view changed. Man started worrying that his life was placed in someone else’s hand. Fate has its own funny way, the belief of God was so because Man should not worry, but after some time it was the cause of Man’s worry. Like everything over time becomes obsolete and useless, so has this concept. It has created rifts between men that nothing else could do it. And I for once understand this living in the diversity of India.

I’m not saying that Man should stop believing in God, but he should at least change his perspective. Rather than spending lakh’s of money on temples of God, one should spend it on the betterment of the less fortunate.

I’m sure that no will change even reading this because we have and always will fear the God we are meant to love.

- Aashish Nehete

Note : This post is written by Aashish Nehete of Just Emotions as a guest post under Captive Of Thoughts.

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