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  1. Belief, Hope and Faith. by Aashish Nehete
  2. One Fine Independence Day by Nidhi Sood Mehta
  3. Physical Appearance - Does It Matter? by Pratham Agarwal


  1. Thought of writing about an "ANGEL" who taught me to smile.

    and she was sucessful in that ...

    and now she has to fly back ..

    if u had to leave , what was tha real purpose of making me smile :(

    , why to heal the wound :(

    if you had to give a another one..:(


    it been too long

    i have gathered some of the broken pieces,they never fit

    sometimes i wonder some pieces were lent to me by the "ANGEL" to make me smile...

    now they only prick me to pain...

    i thought i would never let her go..

    but some birds are never meant to cage...

    but every time i try to fix it .

    every prick comes out as a tear and tells me to keep hope...

    "HOPE" that the angel would headback for ME"

  2. Hey, Do you still accept guest posts? If yes, I would like to contribute to your blog.

    1. Sorry for a delayed reply Felicia. I have stopped operating this blog. Things have come to a better realization, and it seems more like the life is teaching me faster than I can comprehend and convey.


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