Tuesday, December 24

Because IIT was not an option - A Good-Bye That Won't Hurt. *Smiles*

So with each word I type and with each word you read, we both are utilizing seconds of our precious life. Talking on a different note this time, and for the last time before I come home finishing the exam of my entrance.

Yes, you read it right. Leaving the stark and spark paused at above 12,000 Page views and 120+ Comments, I am calling it a PAUSE. Mind you, not a Quit.
There is a beautiful truth embarked in the saying, “To gain something, you need to lose something”.

It has been an evident truth that I have loved to innovate and be engrossed in either technology field or be lifelessly surfing the net for random things. Simply saying, to be on my mobile or on my laptop doing nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing. Come on, that’s what regenerates me, but it is now a high time to stand up and face the reality.

Having 17 months left to shape up the next 40 years. Oh my god. Yes, that sounds scary and IT IS.
So what happens to me in next 40 years will be defined by how I spend my next 510 days or next 44,064,000 seconds. Wow, I am already being precise. Watch out Trigonometry, I am coming.

Well, on a serious note.
It is not only the words but the actions which follow.
Since it is my last post prior to me going into hibernation and what carries on my blog for next 17 months or so, I want to make it the best. The best.

First of All,
Merry Christmas to everyone. To those who read this blog, to those who don’t. To those who motivate me with beautiful lies or those who bring me to face to face with reality.
To all those Santa(s) working hard to spread happiness. To spread the ray of hope among the unprivileged. A beautiful Christmas to them. It is a beautiful festival. One of my favourites.
The cold weather, that amazing lightening.

I wish Santa brings bags of happiness in your life. He brings courage to complete your tasks which require a strong will. He may give u a strong will power to hold onto your decisions.
Being too emotional, haina?

A beautiful new year to each reader. Copy the list from above. You see, I am conserving energy for next 17 months. Happy 2014.
May this year bring happiness raised to 'n' in your life. <-- Told you, study effect.

And now finally, Good-byes.
*Don’t cry, don’t cry*.

It has been too amazing to be with this blog. It connects me to each and every reader like personally. It seems very beautiful and magnificent to feel that my words are being read by many and how well they are connected to them.
It feels special to see every increased count and comment which define the posts better than my words. J.

Well, 17 months, 510 days, 12240 hours, 734400 minutes. I need to work hard.
So saying goodbye on a rough note.
Hope to see every reader of mine fit and fine when I return back from my hibernation from the world of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.
I promise, when I am back it is going to be with a bang. A better writer in me. A better orator and most importantly, A Better Human in me.
Keep in touch through prayers and hopes.
And yes, Spread Wishes. J

*Chalte Chalte, Mere Yeh Geet Yaad Ra…* Lol. NO.

Thank You
Signing off,

Tanishq Sharma J
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Monday, December 9

A King Only Bows Down To His Queen

Walking in those dusty paths and rough roads,
He walks as he rules the world on his own.
Scaring the might of any living soul.
His eyes decipher the fearful walk.

He ain't scared of anyone, He ain't ruled by anyone.
His paws are full of blood and soul full of passion.
His elegance is superior than any kind.
He masks the death in his rigor.

But all above, is not why he is called a king,
Neither because he controls the world,
Nor because his elegance stands the tallest,
Not even because his eyes convey his superiority.

He is called a king,
Not because of his majestic walk,
But because I have seen,
That, A king only bows down to his queen.

He is called a king,
Not because he is a king,
But because I have seen,
That, A king only bows down to his queen.

Tanishq Sharma

The Poem Got Published By Popular as a form of video!
Tanishq Sharma - A King Only Bows Down To His... by poemhunter

A King Only Bows Down To His Queen, Captive Of Thoughts
You can read "Behind-The-Scenes" this poem. - Here

Monday, November 4

I Learned To Be A Man That Night...

Somewhere far from the land of dreams,
I was awake in the mysteries of life.
Somewhere far from the vivid imagination,
I was pondering as the moon castled the stars.

While the world slept and the clock displayed a bright two,
I managed to sort my priorities with the questions like what, why and who?.
While the others shut their eyes and rested themselves,
I worked to find the inner soul which kept me on.

I traveled through the distances of  expectations,
I crossed the boulders of happiness,
I stopped at the tolls of pain,
I walked again at the paces of realizations.

I took with me, the skill of understanding.
I left behind the crankiness, and ego.
I took with me, the happiness to compromise,
I left behind the urge to ask returns of my favors.

I put myself way above the cloudy sky that night,
And then reminded myself to step the earth at all times,
I reminded myself the qualities possessed,
and proofed myself, the witness of my common touch.

That night, I slept with the lightness of forgiving someone,
Maybe that someone was me.
That  night, I slept with the sense of understanding someone,
Maybe that someone was me.

The following morning, woke up, not a boy but a Man,
and that surely, was me.
For I had that night, learned what is life.

Tanishq Sharma

Monday, October 21

To create, "An Immune India" :)

Let me begin by asking a simple question. What is Immunity? 
Well, Wikipedia says, “That in Biology, immunity is the state of having sufficient biological defenses to avoid infection, disease, or any other unwanted biological invasion. It is the capability of the body to resist harmful microbes from entering it.” True enough. In my words I would say, it is how strong you are internally. If the viruses can attack or invade you easily, you have got a weak immunity.

In a country like India where the major population lies under the poverty line, it becomes very difficult to enable the proper physical development of economy. 
There are various reasons to why India lacks behind in producing the stronger growth systems of Individuals residing in the country.

The major reason being  poverty. Due to the lack of green Gandhis, parents are unable to provide food to their children. They grow up living in the harsh conditions where proper food is as scarce as their money. How can anyone concentrate on their immunities when the fight for survival never ends? Lakhs around the nation sleep without food, or feeding from the dirt on roads. On such level of cleanliness, how can we expect nutrition or a better immunity?

If you talk about government providing the necessities like mid day meal, then let me put forward some of the recent cases where one is perplexed whether to eat this or die hungry.
Bihar mid day meal case, 23 school kids die after taking poisonous food, principal surrenders. It’s like there is an option, die hungry in time, or have our food to die on the spot. That is not how India will progress their strong and healthy kids.

India is a country which resides on the roots of its villages. Going deeper in the problems concerning with health and immunity, I would say that the major problem in Indian villages is their under development. There is a proper need of sanitation in villages. The stagnant water lays openly, the mosquitoes breed, and in turn infects humans with deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, elephantiasis. The need of sanitation comes from the fact is that people still prefer dirtying the outside. They urinate in the places which is a consequence of not having a proper infrastructure. This creates and spreads diseases in a huge amount.

Even in the cities, the so called "Shulabh Shauchyalas" or the public restrooms lay in the condition too worst to be described. Believe me, You ll get infected if you come within the reach of 1 km (I don’t intend to exaggerate, Oops I just did). And talking about the cities, the condition of living is deteriorating, with food mixed with harmful chemicals. The colored food is another example of chemicals mixed. They, instead of making our immunity stronger, give us a court order of suicide.

One strong factor, about the condition of immunity and health in India  is the knowledge about hygiene. The amount of knowledge they have about  hygiene is equivalent to the amount of hygiene they possess. The people seem ignorant towards the mannerism and the etiquettes of proper living. They are ready to eat with the working hands! Common, you’ve got to wash hands before eating, that’s common sense.  If only India could launch awareness equivalent to IPL publicity, we would get a better and healthier nation.

The children in villages are born under conditions very far from the word 'healthy', its like them saying, “Hamari dictionary mein healthy naam ka koi shabd nahi” Seems funny right? It aint.
There isn’t any awareness created to aware the people and the mothers about the required vaccination for their ladlas and ladlis.

Sometimes, I don’t understand, Is it because they are alive, that they love them? Or it should be that they love them, they should be alive.
The water problem which the nation faces hampers the growth drastically. No water – no food – no nutrition – so obviously immunity? Nah!

There are still numerous things like proper nutrition in  places where they can be provided, a proper maintenance in the living areas which can be  done to provide a healthy living.

A healthy diet filled with all the minerals can provide every individual a better mental and physical growth.
There should be programs in order to tackle poverty, after all, if 7.92 trillion dollars of tax annually cannot make up for it, then sorry, I would say that it is not possible!

Tanishq Sharma

This post is written for the competition of Dabur - #Immuneindia
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Friday, August 16

The Last Letter - Some Stories Are Better Left Incomplete...

There is a saying..

Love the people God has given you in your life, ONE DAY HE WILL NEED THEM BACK.


She opened the letter..

To my dear,

I don't know when you will be reading this but I understand there are some explanations I owe you. I owe you answers to your loneliness, maybe to your in-numerable questions. 
I want to ask for your forgiveness. I very well know, what I have done, deserves no forgiveness. Leaving you stranded in the droughts of life, breaking all the promises.
I am sorry that I could not wipe off your tears or could not replace them with happiness.
I am sorry that I was not available to hold your hand when you needed me desperately.
I am sorry that I was unable to provide the light to the darkness which we both could see coming.
I am sorry for breaking your heart into thousand pieces.
I am sorry for walking away that night, seeing your face for the last time. I left you there in the middle of the road, struggling all by yourself. The fact is, I left my life back there on that road.
I left just not a part of me, but my soul on those tracks and walked away.

You must have felt cheated, devastated. You must have put me in the category of cheats. Another cheat, and why would you not? I deserved to be thrown into trash. Not for a single reason, but for many others. You must have asked yourself million times, "Why did he go?". You must have questioned your conscious, your surroundings, your soul the reason of me walking away.
I walked away, without saying a word, without even telling you, your mistake.

You must have doubted your heart. Tears would have flown continuously.
That time, all I could do was to imagine your pain while I was somewhere else struggling.
I was not there to hold you as promised. I was not there to give you the courage as promised.
I was not there when you were crawling to disaster.

I was helpless. Yes, reading this you may think, I was selfish.
You must be thinking, even if I was helpless, I could have shared the problem with you.
But that was not to be.
I was helpless, I left you for a reason. I left you so that with me, darkness escapes your life.
I had written this letter to tell you for the last time,
I was not a cheat. Neither did I play with your feelings. I was not selfish.
I always wanted to stand with you. Be there with you in the times of pain.
To be there to wipe your tears. To make our dreams come true. Our future which we had planned together. I never wanted to step back but the god had already scripted my story.
No, I did not leave you for somebody else. I did not leave you stranded in the cold night to make myself comfortable.
I could not. You were my life and everything good that has ever happened to me.
You were my only source of happiness. You were the one for whom I had constructed my life. For whom the dreams were to be lived.
I had loved you.
I know you, I know your thoughts. I know what must have been going through your mind all this while and to clear those doubts, I had left this last letter for you.
You must have always wanted to know the reason I left you.
The reason was my love for you.
The reason was, that for my own comfort of few days, I could not destroy your life.
You read it right. Few days. I was dying.
I had cancer. The devastating disease.
By the time you finish reading this letter,
I would have already left this world for never to come back.

I walked away because Your happiness is all I ever sought.
And I kept my promise of loving you till my last breath.

For the last time,
I truly loved you...
and never doubt it please.
Yours forever...

She folded the letter which was wet by this time. Her tears had trailed through her eyes.
She kept the letter with her, looked up and said, "I always knew you loved me, but if you would have asked me once, I would have been ready to come with you. No matter where."

But words are never enough to compensate of the loss of someone. It is the feeling of regression that kills us. That feeling which knocks at the door asking," If only you could have held it tightly ".

Wednesday, July 3

From Quotes To Codes, The Journey Of Pehchaan India.

In order to move forward in your life, what is necessary is to keep taking steps. In some steps, you may tumble down, some may teach you how to run, and some, help you in regaining the balance when you appear to fall.

Do you know, what is the hardest task in life? To give up on to things you've held for so long, to go in search of our destiny and to realize, that in order to get this, you are staking up everything that you obtained till now.

I remember a beautiful line from Rudyard Kipling's poem named if,
If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,   
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

Without wasting much of your time, I would like to introduce you to, Pehchaan India!

Who Are We?

The ideal concept of concentrating the information about travels in India for the foreign travelers and the Indians itself was the pioneer of this start-up.

India is a vast land compromising of 1609 cities, 29 states (Telangana included). There is more to eye than the beauty which is visible. 

To relish the India's great land, to nurture the culture once again! 

To give travelers a reason, believe us, they just need one!

Come visit us, to go on a dream vacation to India - From the beautiful hills of Kullu, Manali to the waves crashing at Kanyakumari!
The information is spread-ed on the Internet, why not concentrate with our own personal experience? 

Why not interview each local restaurant so we can give a push forward to each one's dream? 
With this purpose in eyes, We bring forward to you - Pehchaan India.

Why We're Doing This?

The ideal concept of concentrating the information about travels in India for the foreign travelers and the Indians itself was the pioneer of this start-up.

With Indian economy falling down, this is perhaps one of the best way to bring the level up and make sure, we not only live it, but we love it too.
Help us reach the masses, so that you give in your part in this too.

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Tanishq Sharma
Captive Of Thoughts  Pehchaan India!

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Monday, July 1

The Only Words On Their Birth, "Its a curse".

Step out of the box and head towards the another ladder to climb the mountain.
The clouds of simplicity disappear and the miraculous power of the mighty one seems to be diminished.
Talk about the culture, discuss the evils of the society. Take the initiatives, make the old ones learn. All work, no harm. The result is unaltered. All roads lead to it. The cranky streets of India or the highways of humanity, they all possess the Gendercide. A discrimination to Humanity.

I speak no high, but as mentioned the facts of Gendercide, there are millions of females who are missing and are lost to cruelty and the savagery of this world.
The words are insufficient, actions provide no means to change, the vision is blurry and so do our minds.

Mr. Evan Grae speaks about this Gendercide.
Not only in the streets of India, but name the slums in every country, You will witness the hatred, the crushing of the heart's content and totally a new phase to the level of your imagination.

Some of the facts mentioned at various places includes the increased number of males compared to females.
Millions of abortions. Facts would be too less to compare to the in-humane and shameless phase of the society. Human rights you talk about? Nothing, but trashed drafts.

Words are spoken but aren't heard. Actions are done, but are never noticed.
Eyes are open but they don't see. Ears are open but they do not hear.
Examples are set but are never continued.
There is no one listening, there is no one answering.
There is no response from this numb society.

"Do not look up to him to solve a problem, He is never coming down to help you"
This is our world, every step to be taken is our initiative.
Lets not hold back courage and let the demeaning rituals rule over our hearts and let us prevent the bloodshed.
Let us be together and hold our hands firm, to stop the black pit to grow. To stop the destruction, to stop the well of hatred into which the feminine class falls.
Let us find the meaning of being a mother, daughter, sister.

Just like Mr. Evan Grae, I am asking you..
I am supporting, 
Will you? :)

Tanishq Sharma

partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

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Tuesday, June 25

The Unfulfilled Promise - Some stories are better left incomplete..

The clock struck 11:00, which made her heart pound. Another 1 hour for the date she waited anxiously. Every passing minute made her uncomfortable with the  ever growing excitement and the fear of being unsure. Unsure of her plan, unsure of the execution of it and unsure of the future.

Those sixty minutes, all she could do is to float in the memories,bringing back the scent of those lovely times and how better could it be? They say time flies when you are having fun. But it seemed as if the statement did not hold true for her, since those innumerable memories could not allocate those petite sixty minutes.
She held his photo tight, close to her heart.

Things have changed between them in the last couple of years. She knew, that this was the last chance to mend the fences and retreat back to the times when going back to their love was their only survival option. She had no clue what had happened to them, or how the-once-upon a time love birds were in a flight very far away from each other. 
She could feel her moist cheek as she realized it has been more than forty-five minutes that tears were strolling by. Out of her control, out of her eyes.

Her train of thoughts had reached the last part of their journey and it felt as if, the journey would cause her life to halt with it. 
She looked at the watch a one more time. 15 minutes more. The god was testing her. Looking at her watch she was lost in the thoughts once again.

"Hello Madam, looking beautiful today", said Rahul admiring the girl he owed his world to.
"Only today? What do you mean, huh?", Naina was back to catch Rahul in each and every word of their conversation. He never minded it, he used to love how she cutely mastered the skill of mesmerizing him.
"Oh I mean, much more beautiful today", He always had an answer to all her questions.
"Yes-yes, Never mind, so what's the plan?" questioned back Naina. For her, comfortable is the word when she was with Rahul.

They had met through a common friend in the college fest, only to realize that they would never part again. But again, destiny had its say and the things were never the same. They eventually let distance come between them, and neither of them could understand how and why, things happened this way. Both were hoping to get back, but were unknown to each other's perspective. When one made a trial, other would let ego win over the situation and this possibly ruined every bit of their relationship.

"Oh the plan is to love you", said Rahul cheekily. He never missed his chance to love her. Why would he? He lived for that. 
"Well, It's my birthday, aren't you gonna make me feel special?"
To this, Rahul bent on his knees, asked for her hand and took out a beaded-strapped watch and put it on Naina's wrist.
He got up and whispered," I cannot hold back the time. neither can I make it move faster. I cannot trail back the time, neither can I foresight the future. But I would like to tell you, I can do all I can, to make your present remarkable and your time, with every passing second, beautiful, though not as much as you are." He kissed her tears as she was flowing into the emotions.
She embraced him with all the might she had with her eyes still closed and tears still flowing. She finally opened them to look at the beautiful watch. The shining red dial with the grey hands along the cream colored strap took her happiness to the new levels.

She looked at the same watch, but for her, time was not the same anymore.
The minutes tickled by...
Just 5 minutes had passed. 10 minutes more for his birthday. For Rahul's birthday. For their last chance to mend up. 

"Promise me one thing", said Naina, holding his arm along hers.
"Order, madam", said Rahul, stroking her hair behind ear.
"Whenever It is our birthday midnight, we would not attend anyone else's call. We both will be the first ones to greet each other." said Naina cutely, mesmerizing him once again.
"Done Madam, No one else, but you,I would talk on the midnight of my birthdays henceforth" said Rahul as he agreed to everything Naina used to put up.
Love was always in the air for them.

Five minutes more, her levels of excitement knew no bounds. She was jumping, hopping and holding her mobile in her hands, ready to press the green calling key and to continue their promise of being the first and the only one to talk to on the midnight of such a special occasion. She was hoping that this would make both of them realize the value of their love and how special they both meant to each other. 

She was all ready, waiting for those 300 seconds to end as soon as possible. She stared hard at the watch, counting with the seconds hand and going crazy.

As soon as the timer reached 15, she pressed the key and held the phone to her ear. Her heart was pounding harder than ever.

1 second passed, she hoped high.

2 seconds passed, her face drooped down a little.
3 seconds passed, tears were flowing.
4 seconds passed, she kept her phone down... 

And all that night, the only voice she could remember was, "The number you are trying to call is currently busy..."

- Tanishq Sharma.

Monday, April 8

Education gets ruined in India.

Stepping the stones of the Indian continent, the very first thing we observe and analyze is the ever-growing poverty. Poverty is the main cause of the increasing number of uneducated mass in India. Many of the growing sectors of India which form the core of the country are filled with the uneducated Indians which whole and sole bind together the contribution for the growing country.

The villages of India which are considered as the backbone of the country, leads to yet another fact, that the education has not been propagated among the masses. This takes away the very possibility of any country stepping into the fresh water when it’s trapped by mud from within. Poverty creates homeless, hungry and exposed people. The homeless ones are gasping to hide under a shed; the hungry ones are looking for food to survive while the exposed ones are striving to cover up themselves. In this endeavor, it becomes impossible for them to think about any other aspect, let be education alone.

 In a country which struggles to acquire the basic needs of Food, Cloth and Shelter, how can you expect a step further of Education? The society, community needs to realize the very outcome of such poverty, one being illiteracy which ultimately leads to backwardness. The government needs to look out for providing the basic needs to every individual in the country so their minds can be diverted towards the other step of living:  Being educated.
Another cause which is witnessed to form an obstacle in the path of Education in India is Corruption.

 Nowadays, Education is not being given, it is sold. It is sold in the name of highly acclaimed colleges, schools and private Institutions.  You pay money; you are delivered a printed paper of any degree of your choice. This hits the growth of country in the bitterest way possible. “You cannot sell education, you cannot buy education.” This seems to be proven wrong by the deeds of corruption in our very own country. Yes, take an example of admission by quota, yet another sensitive issue. In my point of view, the system should abolish quota system and should regard on merits. If a person has capabilities, the opportunities are automatically built.

The problem of education being sold again rolls over to the poverty issue where people are not even able to afford a living. This is how the education system in India is messed up.
Repeating the words of Nelson Mandela, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I would say, to bring up ourselves, we need to follow the instructions, To follow instructions, we need to know how to read and write, To learn to read and write, we need to get education, to get education , we need to step a point further, and to step a point further, we need to free ourselves from the bug of corruption, to free ourselves from the bug of corruption, we need to defeat the social evils of our community, and to destroy those evils, we need to differentiate between good and evil, and finally to do that, we need to be educated again.
You see, as I read in The Alchemist:Don’t forget that everything you deal with is only one thing and nothing else.”

Tanishq Sharma

Sunday, April 7

One fine independence day...

We decided to celebrate 15th August with some local school kids, it was a small government school, near our city. We all were very excited and thought, what an immense activity we all are going to be a part of, on a national holiday we are going to do a small play followed by patriotic songs and a painting competition. Wow big day, big responsibilities and a feel good factor, and a satisfaction shouting out load, ”aaj maine apne desh ke liye kuch toh kiya hai"                                 

We all arrived very early to the venue. It was a huge ground with a structured wooden stage, had arrangement of chairs in rows and a tall pole with our national flag tied at the top. Flowing and fluttering in its own glory. I saw few kids fixing paper flags on a rope and some cleaning the ground, while others collecting the garbage in the basket.

My friend called out ,”Hey chotu, Yahan Chai Milegi?“ An ordinary looking guy of an age around 8-9 years came and said, “Bhaiya chotu nahi huin mera naam Bikas hai“ and smiled back, "Chai abhhi lekar aata hun".

We saw him running across the ground and in few minutes he was back with a Steel Jug and some disposable cups. As he poured the tea into the cups, I looked at him, When he turned towards me, I simply said “Nahi chaiye, Vikas”. He smiled back nodding his head. I walked up to him, while my friends chatted and sipped the hot tea. He was fixing the rope with flags and tying it to the a wooden pole in the tent. I offered him help but he refused me. Then I called him, while I sat on a chair, he asked me if I wanted the tea now, I refused again. I asked him whether he studying in the same school? He replied, he didn't, he was just called to work. I was little surprised and asked, whether any one among st these kids working here, were studying in the school? He replied none of them, he said, they work in a building nearby the village and were called to help for this event.

He then innocently asked me,”Didi, yahan kya ho raha hai?.  I replied, 15th August ko manane ke liye hum sab aaye hai". He kept looking at me with questions in his eyes. I continued,"I hope you know what 15th August is all about, It’s when we got our Independence (I was in full patriotic swing), soon the chief Guest will come and host our National Flag". He listened to me with his mouth open and scratching his head as though he didn't get what I was trying to explain. He then interrupted me and said that he knows this all, there will be group song followed by a Play (which he said “Natak”) or a movie and joyfully said “Peechli bar yahan par humne Aamir Khan ki picture dekhi thi” . (He could not recall the name Rang de Basanti), aap jaise kuch Bahiya -Dee log le kar aaye the yeh picture", He continued.

 Unknowingly, I also started laughing with him, And said its much more than that, But again he interrupted and said, that he is more keen on what, Babu will give him at the end of the event, some 50 Rupees and 2 Ladoos. He said, from past 2- 3 years he looks forward for this time, as he get to see people nicely dressed, get food and money.

It gave me a little crunch in my heart, the feel good factor of doing something good on 15th August was fading away. I was feeling guilty, What Independence day  is all about ? When I still see those uneducated kids, child labour and eroded childhoods, is this what I was about to mention in my Independence day speech at the podium in few hours from now, “My shinning India” . We, young people are the backbone of this country? For Vikas, 15th August is just another day when he will earn an extra Rupee and get Ladoos. Is that what we all came for making a difference today? I really don’t think so.

I saw him going back to his work and smiling back to me whenever we made an eye contact.
Slowly the event started. School children had gathered, honorable chief guest, from Zila Parshid made a quick speech and hosted the flag. As I saw our Flag and sang the National Anthem, I saw Vikas..who was standing near the wooden stage with a tray of glasses, his eyes were gleaming and he looked all around. The event went on as scheduled, and yes I had my speech as well (somehow it went very plain) , to which my friends asked, where did the whole enthusiasm and spark vanished, which was unlikely me. The last part of the event was a painting competition, we distributed the drawing sheets and crayons. The children were all excited to paint as they also knew that there were prizes awaiting for each one of them.

I saw Vikas sitting behind the chairs and looking blankly everywhere. I quickly grabbed a sheet and a set of pencil colors and gave it to Vikas, he looked amazed and asked me, whom should he give this to? I told him, its for him, He again looked surprised and there was a question in his eyes. I replied, patting his back that I want him to paint anything he feels like on the sheet. He looked happy and sat down on the ground and I drifted away so that he doesn't get conscious seeing me around. But to my surprise he was very excited, he opened the pack and one by one, scribbled the crayon pencils on the sheet, One of my team member went to him and asked him to seriously draw, he then asked, what should he make? My friend gave a suggestion; anything around that he feels is good, he can draw.

We had given every child one hour, during this time the chief guest, took a round of the school premises, spoke to the teachers and had snacks. We started collecting the sheets. I was looking forward to Vikas' sheet. As soon as I came close, he stood and presented his sheet. I looked at the sheet and stood silently amazed for what he has drawn. Our National Flag,“Isko Tiranga Jandha kehte hai” He said and smiled at me. I looked at him with happiness. There was neatness and correct use of colours. I really felt proud holding his sheet.

When I turned back, he had already left. This time I saw him collecting his share of “Ladoos”. He was thrilled as he got them in his hands and smiled and ran with his friends happily.

His little sketch made our group really proud and we thought of sharing the same with our honorable chief guest. I quickly gave Vikas’s introduction to him and showed him his colored sheet, and indirectly passed on an offer of making some arrangement for his studies as well, (Our group collectively thought on the same ). To our happiness, The Chief Guest agreed and said that we can give the boy a consolation prize. I was over joyed and quickly grabbed the mike at the podium. I announced the Prizes one by one and children started coming to the stage, they bowed and folded their hands in gratitude to the chief guest and their head master and the collected their respective prizes. No doubt we got to see extraordinary presentation of their imaginations in the sketches, but for me Vikas’s sheet was priceless. Last announcement was made, and I called out Vikas’s name. There was a huge applause, whistles  and hooting from our group followed by applause from the gathering. Ofcourse, he was the hero of the day for all of us but I didn't see him at the gathering. I saw  the Chief Guest guest taking out a 500 Rupee Note from his pocket and placing it on top of gift wrapped box. I felt good and again my eyes searched for Vikas. I asked my team members to quickly find him. 10 minutes passed by, the headmaster prompted me to complete the event and thank Mr Chief Minister and I followed the same. 

As the guests moved on, leaving the fog of dust behind, I quickly ran to find him, I called few boys who were in the same group and inquired about Vikas, They replied “woh toh gaya didi”. I asked, where, but they just replied that they don’t know.

I felt defeated and puzzled, where did he go? and why did he go? I considered this whole episode meaningless without Vikas and I recalled what the boy had said to me, that he eagerly waits for his ladoos and his money. My eyes filled with tears and inside of me, was screaming, this not my independence day. I can’t see the childhood being slayed like this. I could recall the innocence in his eyes, none of us had witnessed such a life when we were his age. Working hard to make living. Lost in these thoughts, I joined back my friends who were packing their bags and making a move. Just then, Headmaster came to us and offered us “ladoos”. I simply said no, when he offered me, politely saying that I don’t relish sweets that much. I was sad that I couldn't meet Vikas and give him acknowledgement that he deserved, but suddenly a thought made me pick one “Ladoo” from the box that headmaster had left on the chair. The thought was very simple, for Vikas,15th August was getting a Ladoo at the end of the event and enjoying it happily. And I didn’t want this happiness to fade away in my mind..

Nidhi Sood Mehta

Note : This story is written by Nidhi Sood Mehta under Captive Of Thoughts :)
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Saturday, March 23

Freedom from Cage :)

In life, we make decisions, hard as they are, results are sweeter.
Some make us believe, some fills us with delusions..

A poem by me, describes the feelings and struggles, and finally the freedom from pains, where one can carry on with their heart's content.

Beyond the limits of the sky,
I witness the soul of happiness fly,
Beneath the covering of the earth,
I feel the despair overcome with mirth.

Spectating the winds flowing,
There is something I feel unknowing,
I measure the depthness of my soul,
It reflects the face, I see at the shoal.

I step ahead to match the grace,
Trembling legs, along the distorted face,
The harshness seems to glow,
But the water of freedom, is ready to flow.

I find no reason to bind myself,
Whether it is for joy, or the greed of pelf,
I know not where I am heading,
And soon the pathways of my life fading.

Call it lies, or the agony of assuage..
I am ready to depart and leave the cage,
The applause of surroundings,
Bless me with thoughts pounding.

I look above, a one more time,
I look inside, a one more time,
I feel perplexed seldom,
But I am ready to leave, and head to freedom.

Tanishq Sharma

Monday, January 21

Maa, Ammi, Mumma... Whatever you call her. :)

Who says love at first sight does not exists?
I have been loving my mother, ever since I was born.

 No matter how many quarrels sum up our everyday invoice, Or how many shouting I get to receive from her. No matter how many times I trouble my mother or how many times, she gets irritated. At the end of the day, It is that maternal love, that she comes to check whether I did sleep properly or no.

There is no way, we can repay to our mother, who suffers for 280 days, gives us our life and brings us to this world. It is this universal fact, that whatever we may become, whatever we may achieve, we WILL always be a part of her. 

To be honest, I realized this now... That for a mother, the greatest grieves could be enduring the pain for us, being the contributor of our upbringing and later being neglected by the same individual.

The depth of maternity can never be reciprocated in any other form, it is this universal feeling to every female. Mother's love is what is Love's definition.

As being a individual in my teenage, I often end up hurting my mother and not realizing it soon, But I want her to know and understand, that whatever I do, whatever I express certainly has a couch of love for you. It comes to an end of myself being hurt every time I hurt you. Asking forgiveness isn't the solution, the damage is already done. 

Tanishq Sharma
But Maa, If you read this.. let me tell you.

"I love you for what you are, I love you for what you have been through,
I love you for being a support to me, I love you for everything you ever sacrificed for me,
I love you for coming back every time I hurt you,
I love you for shedding your tears silently so that mine does not flow,
I love when you save the best things for me,
I love when make me your first priority,
I love you for giving me this life."

A note to every individual irrespective of age : No matter how much you dislike your mother, She has endured every ounce of pain to give you this life, to give you these breaths, to give you this vision you see the world with, to give you these ears to hear, to give to that heart, you can feel with.

The growing generations seems to have forgotten the meaning of maternal love, the practicality have replaced the bonding

I may not have realized it till now, but now I am clear of my conscious.
I take an oath to love and respect my mother till my last breath.
Because, the life i am living is given to me by her.

Its not what you haven't done, its what you can still do. 
When someone takes an effort to make you their special ones, then prove them the reason why they are right! :D

Thursday, January 3

No Compensation For Death, A Stagnant Move.

Some Questions are Unanswered, Some decisions are without conclusions and some feelings are Indispensable.

Talking on a very high note today, Is Death an ending to the suffering of an individual or a burdened future to those related to the individual?
Fortunately or Unfortunately, They' re both.

I cannot have a generalized say in the following thing but I can put forth my own philosophy of life, which is in every and any way, My way of thinking.
Life and Death are the two faces of the same coins, It is this cycle which keeps on repeating to produce generations after generations. These are the truths and lies of life. Life is a beautiful lie while Death is an ugly truth.

But leave that stuff aside, lets escape into genuineness? to realism?
Do this cycle of universe abound those indispensable feelings of those close to the dead person? Can something replace the irreversible loss of a person?
Can there be any compensate for the loss? No. A loss is a loss. After this, no matter how many tears you cry or how many prayers you pray, there wont be any returning. This is the harsh truth about life, Universally for each and every generation, Individual.
It would have been better if R.I.P would have stood for "Return If Possible". :)
Those who die, may stabilize but those who are left behind are set to the agony for the rest of the life, but considering it on a high and deep note, does life stop? Does those breaths are mere puppets now?
Losing a close person is like losing a part of yourself. Yes, it hurts, it does but it does not stop you from living. You may lose the interest in Life, but surely not the life. There is lot more life left and if we stop ourselves completely for the grief of others, then my dear friend, This world will never progress.
The loss is irreversible, and yes that fact itself gives us a strong reason to move on and make our lives better.

So I was discussing this topic with one of my mates, and what she got to say in the matter was...
" Yes, The loss of loved and dear ones hurt a lot, and it is completely true that we  should not forget them, but instead we should grasp their memories within us and fight back to prove that we are stronger and still fighting this battle called life." #Arunima Patni.

Indeed true, Remember, the world does not stop for your grief.
Quoting George Elliot I would say, " Our Dead are never Dead to us, until we have forgotten them"
There are gains and losses in life, each one faces it one day, all you gotta do is to be strong to lose or to gain in life. At each step of life, you make new bonding and forget the old. There are meeting and then separations only to meet again.

Allow me to narrate you one of my own incident of life which reflected my views on this topic.

I was being trained for a personality pageant competition, and the practices were held on regular basis. The session consisted of Introduction followed by Questioning round.
It was my turn, I had finished introducing myself and it was the time for those questions. The questions were asked to judge our views, thoughts and to judge our ability to take decisions in certain situations in life.
My mentor did not waste any time in asking questions regarding basic philosophy, he stood up asking me one single question. "So Tanishq, Let me ask you a very fine simple yet a sensitive question", "What if the Day you are finally getting a job interview , is the Day you have your father's funeral, and you could go only at one place, which one would you choose?"
Yes the Question was a sensitive one where one would flow into feelings, and that is no wrong.

"Sir, I would choose to attend my Job Interview, Not because I don't feel or had bondage with my father but because if I don't attend this Interview, His teachings, Hard Work on me would be In Vain. And Probably No Father would like to be burned from the hands of a son who has wasted his time, money and hard work!"
Oh yes, I had tears as i finished that sentence but that is how life is. I did not wait there to see whether my answer has appealed to him, because it was something I did not utter to please my mentor or anyone else. They were my feelings, thoughts.
The appeal-ness was already lost in the applause by the audience. Yes, That is How life Works.

If we stop for the grief of a person, then probably we will lose more than just that person.
Be strong, This IS a game of Gain And Loss.

Tanishq Sharma

Indian Death Rituals.

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