Tuesday, November 11

9th December 2014 - Are you ready?

There are times when you have to take big steps in your life - they allow you to reach a new summit. 
Until now, I have written 6 stories with each one getting a huge audience to entertain. They have delivered pain, they have soaked emotions, and at the same time - they have been the shoulders of many crying eyes. To take the journey ahead - on a path, way different than the one we have been travelling up until now, We introduce a web-series of a short story. Yes - an Online Novel with Chapters being published as the time goes on.

We, welcome, you to join us on our journey with emotion, love, hatred and reality. Watch out - as the first chapter goes live on Captive Of Thoughts on 9th December 2014.

Will leave you to decide - Register for the series here.
Thank-you, if you do register, it will be a big favor, because for a writer - his story being read is one of the greatest pleasure, he can receive.

Tanishq Sharma

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