Monday, January 21

Maa, Ammi, Mumma... Whatever you call her. :)

Who says love at first sight does not exists?
I have been loving my mother, ever since I was born.

 No matter how many quarrels sum up our everyday invoice, Or how many shouting I get to receive from her. No matter how many times I trouble my mother or how many times, she gets irritated. At the end of the day, It is that maternal love, that she comes to check whether I did sleep properly or no.

There is no way, we can repay to our mother, who suffers for 280 days, gives us our life and brings us to this world. It is this universal fact, that whatever we may become, whatever we may achieve, we WILL always be a part of her. 

To be honest, I realized this now... That for a mother, the greatest grieves could be enduring the pain for us, being the contributor of our upbringing and later being neglected by the same individual.

The depth of maternity can never be reciprocated in any other form, it is this universal feeling to every female. Mother's love is what is Love's definition.

As being a individual in my teenage, I often end up hurting my mother and not realizing it soon, But I want her to know and understand, that whatever I do, whatever I express certainly has a couch of love for you. It comes to an end of myself being hurt every time I hurt you. Asking forgiveness isn't the solution, the damage is already done. 

Tanishq Sharma
But Maa, If you read this.. let me tell you.

"I love you for what you are, I love you for what you have been through,
I love you for being a support to me, I love you for everything you ever sacrificed for me,
I love you for coming back every time I hurt you,
I love you for shedding your tears silently so that mine does not flow,
I love when you save the best things for me,
I love when make me your first priority,
I love you for giving me this life."

A note to every individual irrespective of age : No matter how much you dislike your mother, She has endured every ounce of pain to give you this life, to give you these breaths, to give you this vision you see the world with, to give you these ears to hear, to give to that heart, you can feel with.

The growing generations seems to have forgotten the meaning of maternal love, the practicality have replaced the bonding

I may not have realized it till now, but now I am clear of my conscious.
I take an oath to love and respect my mother till my last breath.
Because, the life i am living is given to me by her.

Its not what you haven't done, its what you can still do. 
When someone takes an effort to make you their special ones, then prove them the reason why they are right! :D

Thursday, January 3

No Compensation For Death, A Stagnant Move.

Some Questions are Unanswered, Some decisions are without conclusions and some feelings are Indispensable.

Talking on a very high note today, Is Death an ending to the suffering of an individual or a burdened future to those related to the individual?
Fortunately or Unfortunately, They' re both.

I cannot have a generalized say in the following thing but I can put forth my own philosophy of life, which is in every and any way, My way of thinking.
Life and Death are the two faces of the same coins, It is this cycle which keeps on repeating to produce generations after generations. These are the truths and lies of life. Life is a beautiful lie while Death is an ugly truth.

But leave that stuff aside, lets escape into genuineness? to realism?
Do this cycle of universe abound those indispensable feelings of those close to the dead person? Can something replace the irreversible loss of a person?
Can there be any compensate for the loss? No. A loss is a loss. After this, no matter how many tears you cry or how many prayers you pray, there wont be any returning. This is the harsh truth about life, Universally for each and every generation, Individual.
It would have been better if R.I.P would have stood for "Return If Possible". :)
Those who die, may stabilize but those who are left behind are set to the agony for the rest of the life, but considering it on a high and deep note, does life stop? Does those breaths are mere puppets now?
Losing a close person is like losing a part of yourself. Yes, it hurts, it does but it does not stop you from living. You may lose the interest in Life, but surely not the life. There is lot more life left and if we stop ourselves completely for the grief of others, then my dear friend, This world will never progress.
The loss is irreversible, and yes that fact itself gives us a strong reason to move on and make our lives better.

So I was discussing this topic with one of my mates, and what she got to say in the matter was...
" Yes, The loss of loved and dear ones hurt a lot, and it is completely true that we  should not forget them, but instead we should grasp their memories within us and fight back to prove that we are stronger and still fighting this battle called life." #Arunima Patni.

Indeed true, Remember, the world does not stop for your grief.
Quoting George Elliot I would say, " Our Dead are never Dead to us, until we have forgotten them"
There are gains and losses in life, each one faces it one day, all you gotta do is to be strong to lose or to gain in life. At each step of life, you make new bonding and forget the old. There are meeting and then separations only to meet again.

Allow me to narrate you one of my own incident of life which reflected my views on this topic.

I was being trained for a personality pageant competition, and the practices were held on regular basis. The session consisted of Introduction followed by Questioning round.
It was my turn, I had finished introducing myself and it was the time for those questions. The questions were asked to judge our views, thoughts and to judge our ability to take decisions in certain situations in life.
My mentor did not waste any time in asking questions regarding basic philosophy, he stood up asking me one single question. "So Tanishq, Let me ask you a very fine simple yet a sensitive question", "What if the Day you are finally getting a job interview , is the Day you have your father's funeral, and you could go only at one place, which one would you choose?"
Yes the Question was a sensitive one where one would flow into feelings, and that is no wrong.

"Sir, I would choose to attend my Job Interview, Not because I don't feel or had bondage with my father but because if I don't attend this Interview, His teachings, Hard Work on me would be In Vain. And Probably No Father would like to be burned from the hands of a son who has wasted his time, money and hard work!"
Oh yes, I had tears as i finished that sentence but that is how life is. I did not wait there to see whether my answer has appealed to him, because it was something I did not utter to please my mentor or anyone else. They were my feelings, thoughts.
The appeal-ness was already lost in the applause by the audience. Yes, That is How life Works.

If we stop for the grief of a person, then probably we will lose more than just that person.
Be strong, This IS a game of Gain And Loss.

Tanishq Sharma

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