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"I wonder the limits of the skies above,
None too much than the skies inside,
I often find myself looking back in the past,
Its then, that I realize, I've been a good teacher to myself
- Tanishq Sharma, The Stalemate"

Born in the northern part of the Indian continent, more specifically: Delhi, I grew up with the blood of ever-ready, enthusiastic, fun loving and living for food - Punjabis and north Indians. I was always the one who preferred sitting on laptop than loafing down playing. I hardly did that. (My physique is still very fine) Past tense.

My leisure time activities included reading books, computer, computer and computer, and did I forget computer?. Well, a simple guy trapped with humor jokes. Believe me, they are ridiculous. (Source, friends of course). A passion for writing and reciprocating my views.
My Buoy :)

I love making friends. Long term friendship, I do not like giving up on anything, or anyone. There is a saying, "Making million friends isn't an achievement, but making one who is true to you is an achievement." Haha. I don't agree, I have made million friends. I agree. I have sorted the true ones from the millions I made.

Shifted to Mumbai back in 3rd standard, did my schooling in this never-halting town, and came to the terms with the meaning of various things in life, or probably, the life itself.

Writing is my passion, or perhaps its typing fast which drives me through passion of writing. Strange it is, but, can't help it. One peculiar thing I feel about myself is the habit to think hard about things, no matter how small or big, I think about it a lot, I think too deep about every happening in my life. That, ultimately puts me in two rows, one - it helps me to foresight and the other being that I start worrying, panicking about things which are not necessarily happening, or would leave an un-significant impact in my life. I would never be able to judge whether its my ability or inability. But with this undecided tendency, I relocate my desires and reach the summit of my own knowledge which helps me progress and get better.

That might be all I know about me, perhaps if you ask people around me, they'll give you a better explaining about who I might be.

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Tanishq Sharma


  1. Nice to know about U Tanishq!


  2. Awesum dude...
    Teri in baaton ne to tera fan bana diya....
    Dil khush kar dita tusi

  3. Lol.. You seem so self-obsessed! Hehe :) Thanks for dropping by Tanishq (I hope I spelt it right) Cheers!

    The budging Shayara

    1. Haha, you need to pat your own back in this world to improve, source of my self obsession :P ! :)

  4. Nice to know abt u.
    Great blog
    .keep writing :)

    1. Thank-you Ananya for taking out time to visit my blog! :)


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