Tuesday, September 16

The Moonlight - Pinch Of Stories!

The Moonlight...

He was standing outside, in the cold wind of a colder terrace. Much colder was his heart, that had been left alone, from whom the comfort of warmth had been stolen. There was a strange gleam in his eyes, perhaps the thoughts were shining through them. Or, it could be the moon smiling back at him.

He was silent, quiet as the flow of midnight water, the one which flows gallantly, filled with smoothness and vigor of a royal walk. The emotions sailed through his soul, body and were transmitted out, partly through his shining eyes, and partly by the tears which were flowing without sneaking attention.

He stood against the pain, he believed that if pain has to come, then it may come quickly, because he has a life to live ahead, and dreams to achieve. Happiness to cherish, and sadness to cry upon. He had people to love, and people who loved, but, they were all gone, vanished like how a dream shatters every morning, leaving behind the amusements.

She was the strength he needed, probably, the absence of her was the reason he fell. But they believed, and they promised, that when they go their separate paths, and look upon destiny and the memories they had shared together, they wouldn't want regression to be a part of it.

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