Wednesday, December 17

Mother told me to be a 'Brave Boy' - #PeshawarAttacks

Forgive my killers mother,
They surely do not understand,
What it feels to be human.

Forgive my killers mother,
They themselves haven't been,
A parent another soul.

Forgive my killers mother,
For they plead no guilty,
and they do not deserve to get one.

Forgive my killers mother,
For I'll meet my creator now,
He might have an answer.

Forgive my killers mother,
For they were in the dark,
Blinded by blood all over.

Forgive me as well mother,
For I could not return,
To your voice uttering, "Come back home soon".

You always told me to be a brave boy,
Today, I ask you to be a brave mother.


Tanishq Sharma with, Editions provided by Pratham Agarwal

Its dreadful, its painful, to realize this fact, that such acts, such horror comes out every turn of events.
Terrorism has no religion, It will never have, its about us working together to remove every bit of it.
Lets take a moment of silence, for the words seem to vague to express such grief.


  1. Thing which was unexpected !!
    Feeling really sad for them :(

  2. May their soul rest in peace... Touching words

    1. May the soul rest in peace. Thank-you for the appreciation.

  3. Very very touching indeed ... the pain conveyed through the words has been well received.

    1. Thankyou Upma, it feels good. But I feel, no words can fill that grief all over.

  4. Very disturbing incident..but this can't be forgiven and forgotten so easily

  5. Read this Tanishq.


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