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Looking back in his eyes, She knew he wasn't lying - Some stories are better left incomplete...

He was standing at the altar of pains and sorrows. Had to choose between the two. They both meant the same. The life, had somehow been the description of sadness and shallowness. In every word to define the meaning of life, there seemed only another sigh. There was darkness, or it would be more appropriate if I say, there was no light. There were tracks of life of which he had to follow, but there was no fuel to carry on. There were skies open enough to fly, but no platform to take off. The nights as black as the short duration before the dawn, the only difference being, that there were no dawns.

The silence cried loudly, the frail looking person glanced over a frailer reflection in the mirror.
The eyes stared back from the mirror, they seemed to convey a message. They seemed to convey stories of lost battle, of battle which they never fought but the scars as fresh as the dawn which never arrived. They told him to be strong, to with-hold the ground he was standing. There seemed no might to stand at the ground which was no more below him. 

As he engrossed more in the reflection, he could sense those million tears which ran across his cheeks. He could see the spots they left and the image they created when they ran with proud all the way from his eyes to somewhere in land beneath, the same land, which was no more below him.

He forced shut his eyes only to make things worse. The murk after closing his eyes was way more suffocating than the one he saw before the shutters were down. He traveled the minutes, seconds and moments he had lived in last couple of months and years which now seemed ages old. Those months had transformed into years and those years in those never ending decades. The decades too, seemed a span way more than ten years. 

As he traveled along the time, he saw his mistakes, and regrets to the situations which still chokes his ability to breath, with guilt of every decision he took. He can see the seed of pain bow in the gardens of his life. He can witness how he stumbled upon his every step and how, with every step came distances which were hard to be measured by scales. He could hear the howls, the mighty shouts and observe his thoughts diminishing with every destroyed expectation. There were feelings which he did not express, some words which were always there inside of him and wanted to come out. There were expressions he wanted to put in statements, and the statements which changed his expressions.

There were million questions but the only answer was dull silence which engrossed with it, the pains of past, the scars which seemed un-healed even as the time progressed. He opened his eyes but it didn't make any difference, his vision was as empty as the thoughts which arrived when he closed his eyes. There were mistakes he made, and his mind was too numb to count them. All he could perceive, was the moment it all started…

He remembered the date well, 16th August 2013. The date which marked the beginning of his end.
Rains had passed, but it was teary not just in the skies but also in the eyes of two souls who had compromised their love. The skies were getting clear, but it seemed as the clouds of darkness had halted in their lives. 

To blame one would be an insult to love they shared, they cared, they adored. He could remember how beautifully they held hands strengthening each other. He could remember how their hugs removed the negativity in their lives. He remembered every little smile they shared, every little sunshine which enlightened their whole day. He could not let her go, she was his everything. She didn't want him to leave her, he was her everything. There were tears when they separated, there were cries, there were shouts, explanations which were unheard and a mind which conceived only the struggle they had gone through.

Came in his life when everything was worse than hell, she gave him a heaven. Never in their dreams had they thought, that a time would come when they won’t be together. But in their hearts stood a belief, a belief strong enough to defy the problems and the situations causing their distance.

It was an ordinary day. Till date, he could not find a reason why she left him, why they grew apart. Was the love over or they did not care about love anymore? They went through some harsh times, but it was never meant to be this way. They always knew that they would come back from the dark times together, that no matter what the condition was, they could make everything better until unless they were together but Alas!, they were not together. He did not leave her, she didn't leave him, but the love had left them or they had hidden it somewhere deep inside.

It doesn't happen in real life what happened to them. They remained in contact even after they grew apart, they expected the love even when they didn't commit.She still refreshed and charmed his life like no other can. He could still make her blush like a beautiful rose shining in the light of sunlight, like the beautiful first rays of the morning.

Their eyes conveyed things which their words could not.
They met for the last time, to decide onto their future, but where did they know that it was the start to their new journey. They met casually, he asked her how she was. There was no reply, there couldn't be. He knew she was not well, she never was without him. She didn't ask back, because she already knew the answer.

They had met to clarify things, but it seemed a whole new lesson was about to start. She looked him in the eyes, wide and clear, conveying the pain he had given her. He looked back with the promise that he won’t be doing that again. With a promise that he will protect her from every sorrow she encounters.
She didn't wanted to fall weak, she declined him. He begged her for the love, which they both knew was required to sustain them in this world. They both knew how beautiful their journey was, and without each other, there was no journey at all. But, she didn't wanted to fall weak.

He held her hand while they spoke nothing. He wanted to tell her, that he would be their holding her in her ups and downs of life. He went close to her, probably to tell her that he never leave her alone again. He hugged her tightly and proofed her, how much he needed his soul back.

Looking back in his eyes, she knew he was not lying.

And since he was standing at the altar of pains and sorrow, he chose immortality..

- Tanishq Sharma


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