Monday, April 14

The truth which 'lied' in front of me - Some Stories Are Better Left Incomplete..

She was lying on the bed. Helpless, weak and unable to move. Her face had turned white, which now matched the color of the clothing the hospital had provided her. I was looking at her, close and plain. I was holding her hand tightly, to tell her that I am still there. To tell her, I am still with you, I am holding on and you can fight the battle.

She wasn't listening to me, I knew. She did not know that I was around her or anyone for that matter. It had been 8 days since she was in coma, after the traumatic accident happened.
It all happened in the blink of an eye, I can't blame her, it was not her mistake. It was the driver of that truck who had taken the wrong cut, out of the blue and she was left behind to face the consequences.
Past 8 days, She hasn't got up, and I haven't slept. I could not. Something in me, does not allow me to sleep, does not allow me to eat, does not allow me to live. I want her alright, I want her okay, I want her to be the same as she was, joyful, loving, caring, and mine. She was always full of life, but probably, it was the only thing she was lacking right now.

I was not ready to accept the fact, accept the truth which lied in front of me.

I kept holding her tightly, maybe she needed it. Maybe she knew deep inside that I was there for her. I was holding her tight and right. That I was not letting her go away. That I am beside her as I always was and always will. Nothing could take her away from me, she was mine and I would not give up.

All I had done last 8 days was to talk to her, to look at her and to contemplate her beauty.
"Aaj hum bahar khayenge. Okay Rahul?", She had told me while coming back from office that night.
I was there, on the phone. I had witnessed my love strangling, facing death.

How could I? I blamed myself. Maybe that night,If I would have picked her up from office and would have taken her somewhere, she would have been alright. How could I.
There were million things which ran through my mind, my body and my soul in last 8 days. My mind was exhausted, my feelings were exhausted and my soul, cried a song of defeat.

I cursed god, why  her? She was my everything. Everything good that has happened to me. How could he be so cruel?. Maybe my answers were the silent hopes. I looked at her again, she was still numb, as the water in a silent pond.  

I kept holding her hand. It was night time, probably another night when I will not sleep. I kept looking at her, talked to her, told her that everyone was missing her and she needs to get well soon. Everyone is planning a trip with her, and won't go without her, I told her.
With every word I said, a tear came out. I stopped it, I told it that nothing is going to happen. You don't need  to flow. She is absolutely fine, she is mine and I will not let anything happen to her.

I kept my head at the side of her bed as I cried to no extent. Maybe my body had given up, and my soul was tired of crying, maybe no more tears were there inside of me. As I lay there, I could feel something tight in my hand!
She was tightening her hold, making me feel assured that she is getting better. I got up suddenly, all my tiredness vanished and I felt happy at the same moment. She was responding finally, She was coming back. 

It did not take much time, she opened her eyes. I could not believe myself. Tears of happiness flowed through my eyes, and I was speechless. She was looking at me, recognizing me. She cried as well, and I hugged her tightly. She had no strength, no might to show how she felt. Everything around me had stopped. There was a sense of complete happiness, when I saw her opening her eyes and giving me a small smile.
I got up to call the doctor, she caught my hand tightly. She had tightened her hold and did not allow me to call. I explained her but she refused. She removed the oxygen gas and sat up alright on the bed and hugged me. 

She told me how much she loved me, she told me how much I mean to her. She told me everything she wanted to. I did not stop her, I was looking at her and crying as she did the same while speaking. I told her to calm down and told her we will talk when we back to home.

She kept quite. There was a strange silence. Something which did not feel familiar. 
"I do not have much time, love.", She told. I asked her what is she saying and got angry on her for saying such a thing. She was alright now. She came close to me, and she fell in my arms and it seemed as if my life had fell to the death.

I woke up suddenly, from the bedside I had kept my head on while crying for her. She lay there on the bed, as she did from last 8 days but this time, probably it was forever... I had lost her. I realized, It was all over for me, for life and everything to come in it as she lied there, sleeping forever...

Tanishq Sharma

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