Monday, November 4

I Learned To Be A Man That Night...

Somewhere far from the land of dreams,
I was awake in the mysteries of life.
Somewhere far from the vivid imagination,
I was pondering as the moon castled the stars.

While the world slept and the clock displayed a bright two,
I managed to sort my priorities with the questions like what, why and who?.
While the others shut their eyes and rested themselves,
I worked to find the inner soul which kept me on.

I traveled through the distances of  expectations,
I crossed the boulders of happiness,
I stopped at the tolls of pain,
I walked again at the paces of realizations.

I took with me, the skill of understanding.
I left behind the crankiness, and ego.
I took with me, the happiness to compromise,
I left behind the urge to ask returns of my favors.

I put myself way above the cloudy sky that night,
And then reminded myself to step the earth at all times,
I reminded myself the qualities possessed,
and proofed myself, the witness of my common touch.

That night, I slept with the lightness of forgiving someone,
Maybe that someone was me.
That  night, I slept with the sense of understanding someone,
Maybe that someone was me.

The following morning, woke up, not a boy but a Man,
and that surely, was me.
For I had that night, learned what is life.

Tanishq Sharma

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