Thursday, December 20

The Indian Goddess.. Are You Sure?

"Don't tell your daughter to dress properly, Tell your son to behave properly..."

As I stroll down every news paper, news channel or the social networking sites, all I see is the distress of women respect, dignity in the country where they are regarded as Goddess, though behind the curtains.

A visual impact senses around my mind which rages outward to ask the questions not only to the government, officials, or the national protectors but also to the Indian society.
We have been raised in a society which has neglected the existence of women power in the growing development and they have always been given a backward seat.
They were always considered inferior when it comes to comparing them with the male class irrespective of terms of mind or physical power.
The changes have occurred in the recent times but the liability of such changes are still restricted to the well developed metro political cities whereas the districts and villages still look to the under grown mindset of people. But it seems, that the development itself is lacking behind the virtues to protect the so called Goddesses of Indian society.

To the society?
What's the use of praying when the very next moment all you can do is to curse them?
Whats the use of loving when you can not protect them against hatred?
Whats the use of respecting them when all you can do is to put your hands up and can not protect their dignity?

To all men,
Where is your strength, courage when you cannot protect your sisters, mothers?
Where is your manliness when you can not respect a woman's dignity?

The girl you look at, try to put your mother, sister in that position. The matter will be clear.

Jumping back on the Indian society, where a girl is being taught to dress properly but a boy is never taught about respecting girls.
A girl is told to dress decently so that she does not attract boys, well Is it the same way, "Close your eyes and world will become blind?"

What we need is to change this society first, the laws, regulations and mind sets will automatically be changed.Because when you pray to those goddesses, pray with heart not with mind. And before you set a bad remark, sight to a girl, always remember, that your Mother/Sister is a female too.

A Respectful remark to every female, We RESPECT YOU IRRESPECTIVE OF YOUR CAST, CREED, COLOR.

Sunday, October 14

Lets Redefine Love!

Lets Redefine Love <3

"Some People Care Too Much, I Think Its Called Love."

Love, the moment we hear this word, the only picture which comes up to our mind is of a boy-girl who are ready to give up everything. The moment we hear this word, the only thing which rises above sense is of those Bollywood type scenes, there comes nothing after or before that because that is how our taunting society has termed that word and that is how they come up to the conclusion of meaning when it comes to define love.

But is it really that? Is Love really a boy holding the hand of a girl around the City?
The Answer Is No, It isn't. Love Is actually the conception of heart, disbelief, or an another name of care.
Its not the only hug which can be given by a boy to his girl but its also the arms of a father around his daughter. <3

Let me tell you a touching story Of a Father And a Daughter, And Reading That Tell me, isn't it love?

One day an 11 year old girl asked her daddy, "what are you going to get me for my 15th birthday?" the father replied, "There is much time left." When the girl was 14, she fainted and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor came out and told her dad she had a bad heart & she is probably going to die. When she was lying in the hospital bed, she said "Daddy... have they told you I am going to die?" The father replied no you will live as he left weeping. She said “How can you be sure?" He turned around from the door and said "I know."
She turns 15 when she is recovering and comes home to find a letter on her bed. It said: "My Dearest Daughter, if you are reading this, it means all went well as I told you. One Day you asked me what I was giving you for your 15th birthday, I didn't know then but now my gift to you is MY HEART."

Her Father Donated His Heart.

That's Love, its Those True Selfless feelings...Not Only in What Our Generation CALLED Lovers,
But In every feeling heart.

A story ahead of a son's innocent feelings and mother's love, i read it while surfing net.

A woman came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find her 5 year old son waiting for her at the door.
Son : "Mummy, May I ask you a question?
Mom: Yeah Sure, what is it? replied the woman.
Son: Mummy, How Much Do You Make an Hour?
Mom: That's None Of Your Business, why do you ask such a thing?
Son: I Just Want to know, Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?
Mom: If You Must Know, I make Rs. 50 per hour.
Son: May I Please Borrow Rs. 25?

The mother was furious, "If the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other non sense, then march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you are being so selfish. I don't work hard everyday for such childish things."
The Little boy went to his room and shut the door.
The woman sat down and started to get more angrier about the little boy's questions. how dare he ask such a question only to get some money?
About an hour or so, the woman had calmed down, and started to think: "Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that Rs. 25 and he really didn't ask for money very often. The woman went to little boy's room.
"Are you asleep, son?" asked the Mother.
"No Mummy, I am awake,' replied the boy.
"I've been thinking, maybe i was too hard on you earlier" said the woman."its been a long day and i took out my aggravations on you. Here is Rs.25 you asked for."
The Little boy straight up, smiling  "oh thank you Mummy!" he yelled. Then reaching under the pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills.
The woman saw that the boy already had some money, started to get angry again.
The little boy slowly counted out his money, and looked up at his mother.
"Why do you want more money when you already have some?" The mother grumbled.
"Because I did not have enough, but now i do", the little boy replied
"Mummy, I have Rs. 50 now. Can I Buy an hour of your time? Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you."
The Mother was crushed. She put her arms around her little son, and she begged for his forgiveness.

That Story Reflected the true love, and the innocence. Sometimes, We get so indulge in life, that we forget the ultimate cause of peace, love and freedom.

The Love Here wasn't due to any precious gift, but it was due to that feeling of heart which pleads others to respect the care and affection.

Love Is not showing your affection, but its when you really make other feel.

Its when a little girl puts all her energy to give her dad a kiss. 
That is Love.

Its when a wife makes tea for her husband & take a sip before him. 
That is love.

Its when the Mother gives her son the best piece of cake.
That is Love.

Its when your friend holds your hand tightly on a slippery road.
That is Love.

Its when your brother/sister messages you and ask whether you have reached safely or no.
That is Love.

Love Is Not Only Between A GIRL OR A BOY, But It Can Between Any bonding of world.

Its Name Of care.
And That is what should be Redefined In Our Society...

Monday, August 20

Studies, Merely For Marks?

 If I go with the Dictionary, it says that studying is nothing but the pursuit of knowledge. But if I go with the anticipation of our society, i find it nothing less than the pursuit of Marks. 

          "Its Your Tenth Standard, what are you doing? aapko toh pura din padhna chahiya? Agar  Ache marks nahi laoge toh kahin admission nahi milega?. (you've got to study whole day, if you don't bring marks you wont get admitted anywhere.)"

Being A Tenth Standard Student, Its Something You be all ears not daily, but, believe me every moment you  are seen without a book in your hand.
Its been an anticipation of our society that being a tenth standard student, you've got to stick to the books every minute, every second to be able to achieve marks.
Yes, That Slams The Door Hard At My Concise, That They expect me to cramp myself in the pile of books for 365 days just because they want me to bring that 90+? Shouldn't I study to pour some knowledge in me rather than memorizing all the stuff within me until I spit it out again on the sheet of paper.

Whats the Use of Studies Then? All you are doing is training your memory to be sharp enough to remember those 300 - 400 pages of a text book all to be thrown at once. But unfortunately, dismally, regretfully we live in a society where a person is not judged by profoundness of his knowledge, ability but he is judged by those printed numbers he gets, no matter how he bring it(either by hook or by crook).

Recently, I was glued to some of the commercials of upcoming season of Kaun Banega Crorepati.
The Campaign of this year's season could not have been any better theme than it has now, it conveys one of the most important message to the society which has been disillusioned by those beset marking shadow.
Mr. Bachchan rightly said. "Sirf Gyan Hi Aapko Aapka Haq Dilata Hai...(Only Knowledge can serve you your right)"

The Casting Shadow Of Marks Upon The Learning Students is a Mere way to tell him the Money has surpassed the importance of knowledge.
But Every time, Marks/Percentile/Scores, Aren't What Shapes Your Future Or Decides the level of capabilities, abilities or what marks out your greatness.

There have been examples of people who tried hard but could not change their marks, yet found out their greatness and changed the world.
We All Know Mr Bill Gates, Don't we? He was an under graduate in Harvard University, and technically speaking he is the most failed student who is one of the Richest Being In this world.
And Then Let me Give you an example of a person who is a heart robber for every technofreak,
yes, The person who changed the mere red looking apple in to a multinational corporation.
This is What Success, If Mr. Jobs, would have continued on his school desk then probably, we wouldn't have Ipods, Iphones, or Any Macintosh. He Gave up Studies Due to the Financial Only to Find Companies Like Apple, Pixar.

This Is What Success, This Is What Society Should Strive For...
For You Become Big Not By Doing Big Things But By Small Things Perfectly.

After All, Rancho was right when he said"Baccha Kabil Bano Kabil.. Kamyabi Toh Sali Jhak Maarke Peeche Aayegi (Pursue Excellence, and success(chateur) will follow, pants down!"

Tanishq Sharma

Mr Amitabh Bachchan.

The Ones Who Could Not Change Their Marks, But Changed The World.

Saturday, August 18

The Reality Of Independence... Are We Really Free?

Few hours back, I stood saluting the national flag as it waved long deep cuddling into the viridity of air which was filled by rhymes of Jana-Gana-Mana. The tri colored cloth, as it sailed along the wind brought back the memories and filled the moment with some of the bitterness asking, Are we really Independent?

Those fifty-two seconds of National Anthem, when echoed within my soul, body, heart made me once again realize those in-estimable blood sheds, those in-compared losses, those treasured tears and those prized heart winners, for whom Independence was not everything, but the only thing.
But one thing which hindered me a lot, which knocks at the door of this selfless effort is the increasing negativity in India. Call it corruption, poverty or Inequality, Our India is enslaved by it.

The Poverty, which doubts the Independence when we see miseries of children selling Indian flags at signals.
The corruption, which makes this country a captive of those corrupt ministers whose connivery fill the headlines of every news channel and the front page of every news paper.

The inequality of every human, who is ruled by another in this country which calls to give every Indian equal status, attacks a point where you stop believing that you are independent.

Celebrating the 65th year of Independence, you may not realize the mud around the lotus,but sure as hell, You cannot avoid it. 

The dreams of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh were not captive of JUST INDEPENDENCE from the british rule but they also longed to free India from the parasites of corruption, poverty.

Yet, Every 15th of August, we stand there saluting our ti-ranga and remembering their efforts, but at the same time failing to take that dream ahead.
Every 15th of august, is not only to remember their efforts but also to respect them by enlarging the viewscope to make a truly FREE India. Where one can breath air of real freedom, free from those bugs of corruption, poverty.

This is our India, and take it or no, YOU-ME, (WE) are responsible for any good bad happenings. Independence is what we seek, Independence is what we shall have.

Then only we can close our eyes, put our hands on our hearts and say loudly,
Saare Jahan se acha, Hindustan hamara... 

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