Tuesday, December 24

Because IIT was not an option - A Good-Bye That Won't Hurt. *Smiles*

So with each word I type and with each word you read, we both are utilizing seconds of our precious life. Talking on a different note this time, and for the last time before I come home finishing the exam of my entrance.

Yes, you read it right. Leaving the stark and spark paused at above 12,000 Page views and 120+ Comments, I am calling it a PAUSE. Mind you, not a Quit.
There is a beautiful truth embarked in the saying, “To gain something, you need to lose something”.

It has been an evident truth that I have loved to innovate and be engrossed in either technology field or be lifelessly surfing the net for random things. Simply saying, to be on my mobile or on my laptop doing nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing. Come on, that’s what regenerates me, but it is now a high time to stand up and face the reality.

Having 17 months left to shape up the next 40 years. Oh my god. Yes, that sounds scary and IT IS.
So what happens to me in next 40 years will be defined by how I spend my next 510 days or next 44,064,000 seconds. Wow, I am already being precise. Watch out Trigonometry, I am coming.

Well, on a serious note.
It is not only the words but the actions which follow.
Since it is my last post prior to me going into hibernation and what carries on my blog for next 17 months or so, I want to make it the best. The best.

First of All,
Merry Christmas to everyone. To those who read this blog, to those who don’t. To those who motivate me with beautiful lies or those who bring me to face to face with reality.
To all those Santa(s) working hard to spread happiness. To spread the ray of hope among the unprivileged. A beautiful Christmas to them. It is a beautiful festival. One of my favourites.
The cold weather, that amazing lightening.

I wish Santa brings bags of happiness in your life. He brings courage to complete your tasks which require a strong will. He may give u a strong will power to hold onto your decisions.
Being too emotional, haina?

A beautiful new year to each reader. Copy the list from above. You see, I am conserving energy for next 17 months. Happy 2014.
May this year bring happiness raised to 'n' in your life. <-- Told you, study effect.

And now finally, Good-byes.
*Don’t cry, don’t cry*.

It has been too amazing to be with this blog. It connects me to each and every reader like personally. It seems very beautiful and magnificent to feel that my words are being read by many and how well they are connected to them.
It feels special to see every increased count and comment which define the posts better than my words. J.

Well, 17 months, 510 days, 12240 hours, 734400 minutes. I need to work hard.
So saying goodbye on a rough note.
Hope to see every reader of mine fit and fine when I return back from my hibernation from the world of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.
I promise, when I am back it is going to be with a bang. A better writer in me. A better orator and most importantly, A Better Human in me.
Keep in touch through prayers and hopes.
And yes, Spread Wishes. J

*Chalte Chalte, Mere Yeh Geet Yaad Ra…* Lol. NO.

Thank You
Signing off,

Tanishq Sharma J
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Monday, December 9

A King Only Bows Down To His Queen

Walking in those dusty paths and rough roads,
He walks as he rules the world on his own.
Scaring the might of any living soul.
His eyes decipher the fearful walk.

He ain't scared of anyone, He ain't ruled by anyone.
His paws are full of blood and soul full of passion.
His elegance is superior than any kind.
He masks the death in his rigor.

But all above, is not why he is called a king,
Neither because he controls the world,
Nor because his elegance stands the tallest,
Not even because his eyes convey his superiority.

He is called a king,
Not because of his majestic walk,
But because I have seen,
That, A king only bows down to his queen.

He is called a king,
Not because he is a king,
But because I have seen,
That, A king only bows down to his queen.

Tanishq Sharma

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A King Only Bows Down To His Queen, Captive Of Thoughts
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