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How to overcome stress? - A beautiful perspective towards problems.

It doesn't hurt. No, accept it. It hurts. 

I often ask myself, how to cope up with different things in life and every time I get a different answer.
There are lot many things going around to handle. The competition in the society is increasing at a pace faster than talent. In this rat race, it becomes inevitable to close your eyes and have a peaceful sleep. All your mind wanders around, is the mediocrity of your being, of your talents or the heaps of your failures. It is frustrating and probably that's the same reason you are here, reading this.
Here I am listing some points which help me cope up with everything on daily basis.

  1. Talk to Yourself - You are the one facing the problem. The pain is being inflicted on you. You know how much it pains. You know things about your problems that no one will ever know. Only you know what you have left behind in order to stand where you are standing now. Only you know your sacrifices. If the problems are with you, always remember, the solutions are also with you. And who else better than yourself, can teach you that?
  2. Go deep down to your problems - One thing which significantly helps me to reduce the tension and eventually solve problem is this technique. There is no point crying over the spilt milk. Things once done can't be undone. You need to realize some facts in order to find their solutions. No, I am not talking about moving on. Instead, I am against it. There is a saying, Cry as much as you can for the pain inflicted on you, but make sure, once you stop crying, you never cry for the same reason again. Yes exactly, If you go deep down to your problems, sure as hell, it will hurt you. Maybe way more than it did previously. But your unanswered questions will surely be answered.
  3. Investigate your pain - What are the exact reasons of your pain? Ever pondered on that? What is the reason it's hurting you? 10 years from now, will they still matter? Or make it 5. Will the things you are crying for, will hold a significant place in your life? Or probably, are they worth crying for?
    Do ask these questions to yourself, because when you get their answers, you ll realize how beautifully you were fooling yourself.
  4. Divert yourself until its the right time - Certain times in life, you step into situations which are too hard to be solved, or too complex to be understood. The best you can do in those times is to get away from all the negativity to let your positive thoughts flow. How to do that? Do something which you like. Watch some comedy videos. Or draw, dance, sing or whatever you are good at.
    Because, not only it gives you confidence by doing things you are good at but it also allows you to see your life through a different perspective.
  5. Talk to someone - There is always a person who wants the best for you, be it your father, your mother, your sister, your brother, your best friend, anyone or probably everyone above. You need to share your heart out, not only to talk to them about your sorrows but also to lighten the weight you have been carrying for so long. They may not give you the best advice, but it always feels good to know that you aren't alone. That somebody is there to stand with you. That somebody has faith in you, and hopes best for you.
    Do read the note at the end of this article.
  6. Let it go - And even after talking to yourself, going deep into your problems, investigating your pain, diverting your mind, or talking to someone doesn't help, then Let it go, mate. Many a times in life, we lose things. When we are a child, we cry for broken toys, when we grow up, we cry for broken dreams, and when we are finally dying, we itself cry for breaking up this life. So let it go, there are too many things in this life to be happy about. There is always a person who wants to see you happy, and if you are lucky, there are two, three and many. Learn to let go, at the end, we will die with nothing to ourselves, what we do in this world, would ultimately not matter, at least to us from above.

That is all mate, be happy. It is a short beautiful life. No need to take too much tension. I agree that there is lot of competition in this world, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to how better you have been than one you were yesterday :)

Tanishq Sharma

Many a times we hide our pain, sorrow and tears somewhere deep down within us, somewhere so deep that we eventually forget about it. That things, starts to fill us with bitterness from inside. To kill us, a slow poison. It happens because many a times, you don't have someone to talk to. At Captive Of Thoughts, We do not want anyone to go through this, we are here listening to you. To your problems. We do not want to know your name, it is absolutely okay if you want to keep yourself anonymous and just share your pain with us. Because, believe us, when we say we are listening, cause we are. Come - Talk to us (Keep on this to tell us your problems, we will keep it anonymous.)


  1. amazing article!!!! helps one, keep writing (:

  2. Awesome.. Keep writing..(y)

  3. Readers can actually relate to it, which is pretty amazing. I love it!
    This is really good.

  4. Okkay so it waz wayy good and inspiring man...;) - Robin Dsouza

  5. This post can really be of use to the likes of derailed people looking for a reason to go on.

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    1. The Starting Of The Article With The Line "No, Accept it. It Hurts",in itself tells the True Fact Of Life..
      Great Writing and Thoughts:)
      Keep Writing :)

  8. A much needed article in today's stressful urban life... Great work! :)


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