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Everyone has problems in their life.
Often in life, We are trapped into situations so hard, circumstances so cruel that all we see is loneliness. Many a times, we are unable to open to the ones close to us, to the ones who have always been there. The reason behind the fact that we don't share some of our feelings in front of our close ones is merely fear, the fear of getting their decisions altered because of us.

That is when life becomes more difficult, You see no light. You see no life.
But sometimes it becomes imperative to keep things inside and keep taking life the way it is.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to vent out, but we see no one to look forward to.

So here we are,
We do not know who you are, we do not wish to know your name or any of your details. But, we wish to know what is happening in your life. We wish to know what you are going through, to see your pains, to see how dreadful things are.

We want to give a new look, a new perspective to your problems. To give you courage.
You never know, God has mysterious ways to cure your wounds :)
Come to us, Speak your heart out :) No need to disclose your name, place or even your gender :)
We don't care! All we care is a solution, or a medication to your pain :)
Do write to us below,
because counselling by a friend is often more effective than by a professional :)

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But we can... :)

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  1. I cant decide between opting for civilservices and becoming a scientist. Can you help ?


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