Wednesday, October 29

As She Walked Away! - Pictorial

One of the most loved, shared, and appreciated story of this blog. Thanks for all the love. 
Here is a throwback!

Here, a little context:-

You can only relate to the pain if you have already been through it. The shortness of breath which seizes to be under your control, the wandering thoughts which wanders the empty tracks of past, now seems to be exhausted, decaying and eventually dying. I wanted to stop her, I wanted to refuse when she asked me to leave her, but I could not. I did not utter a single word, as if the mind had stopped thinking and the heart beats left their track.

Sunday, October 26

In Search Of Solace - Pictorial.

In Search Of Solace... 

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The cold winds blow carrying the shivers of people with whom it traveled.The winds brought with them, cries of silence and the voices unheard.They conveyed messages of the ones who were unable to meet.Their growls bring the tune into the solace I try finding in silence of the dark. Continue reading...

Saturday, October 18

Do us a favor - Don't light crackers this Diwali.

If you can, do us a favor - don't light crackers this Diwali

With every blast above in the sky, there is a living creature which dies, an unnatural, tortured and a painful death. The feast to your eyes, declines future, a couple of steps forward. I am not going to tell you the harms of air pollution, we aren't kids to not understand that, instead I ll tell you a better way out of it.

So, what are the alternatives to celebrate Diwali with firecrackers you may ask? Beware! I am ready with the points.

  1. Rangoli Making!
    Show your artistry in making some beautiful Rangolis! Have a competition in your neighborhood about the same, because it is certainly better than showing off your richness in making the sky glow. Better leave that for moon.

  2. Diwali Feast!
    Your eyes have had too much, its time for big meals to make way to your stomach. So have big feasts with your big-big families.

  3. Diwali Shopping!
    Go for shopping! We, Indians love sale, don't we? Its time for the biggest sale in India

  4. Diwali Sweets!
    Sweets distribution, now who doesn't like that? A rhetorical question. There are so-oo-oo many varieties out there, from kaju katli to atta majhi satakli, there are just too many! Go out, try tasting them all.

  5. Diwali Promise!
    This diwali, gift your loved ones happiness, with a promise of change, with a promise of developing into a better human being and killing the negativity inside you, just like how Ramji finished ravana". And that is exactly why Diwali is celebrated in the first place.

There are million other short activities which can be accomplished on this occasion. Try indulging in them, do not let your enjoyment cause harm to environment, to its people. Whatever you give to nature, it is going to give you back. Make sure, it is positivity which is traded every time. 

On this note, have a beautiful Diwali.

Wednesday, October 15

Life has a price - Stories In Two Lines.

Who says life doesn't come with a price tag? From birth till death, if there is something which remains constant, its the struggle and rate of flow of Money..

-Tanishq Sharma

Tomorrow is too late to be Happy.

If you want to live, live today. If you want to do something which makes you happy, gives you peace, do it today, because tomorrow will never come, no matter how close it seems .

Because tomorrow is too late to be happy.
-  Tanishq Sharma

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