Thursday, December 20

The Indian Goddess.. Are You Sure?

"Don't tell your daughter to dress properly, Tell your son to behave properly..."

As I stroll down every news paper, news channel or the social networking sites, all I see is the distress of women respect, dignity in the country where they are regarded as Goddess, though behind the curtains.

A visual impact senses around my mind which rages outward to ask the questions not only to the government, officials, or the national protectors but also to the Indian society.
We have been raised in a society which has neglected the existence of women power in the growing development and they have always been given a backward seat.
They were always considered inferior when it comes to comparing them with the male class irrespective of terms of mind or physical power.
The changes have occurred in the recent times but the liability of such changes are still restricted to the well developed metro political cities whereas the districts and villages still look to the under grown mindset of people. But it seems, that the development itself is lacking behind the virtues to protect the so called Goddesses of Indian society.

To the society?
What's the use of praying when the very next moment all you can do is to curse them?
Whats the use of loving when you can not protect them against hatred?
Whats the use of respecting them when all you can do is to put your hands up and can not protect their dignity?

To all men,
Where is your strength, courage when you cannot protect your sisters, mothers?
Where is your manliness when you can not respect a woman's dignity?

The girl you look at, try to put your mother, sister in that position. The matter will be clear.

Jumping back on the Indian society, where a girl is being taught to dress properly but a boy is never taught about respecting girls.
A girl is told to dress decently so that she does not attract boys, well Is it the same way, "Close your eyes and world will become blind?"

What we need is to change this society first, the laws, regulations and mind sets will automatically be changed.Because when you pray to those goddesses, pray with heart not with mind. And before you set a bad remark, sight to a girl, always remember, that your Mother/Sister is a female too.

A Respectful remark to every female, We RESPECT YOU IRRESPECTIVE OF YOUR CAST, CREED, COLOR.

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