Saturday, January 25

In Search Of Solace..

As I wander in the ruins of my thoughts, I can feel the emptiness touching me and whispering something cold. The grave looks of darkness still make me believe in pain which I shed in my walks towards the solace.
The perplexed heart is unable to fetch me the directions.The vision discards as it seems that retaining might is not the option.

The cold winds blow carrying the shivers of people with whom it traveled.The winds brought with them, cries of silence and the voices unheard.They conveyed messages of the ones who were unable to meet.Their growls bring the tune into the solace I try finding in silence of the dark.

I can see the light approaching towards me, but I am scared to be exposed to the world outside.
There is glory in the hearts that I will be able to achieve, the rays of light after the prolonged shade of night. I still seek the solace I tried finding all this time. I still seek the words which I lost when the noises of conscious became louder and clearer.

I could see what to do.To walk away or to carry on...To hold the ground or let it slip away. I knew the differences by this time I knew the judgement of right and wrong.
You don't get over certain things in life, you just get used to them not being there.

In one night, I had lived the ages of lesson I learned. In one night, I came across faces which I never thought existed. In the certain amount of time, I realized who is worth the pain. In certain time of life, I realized what life is.

There were no more worries and nightmares haunting me. The pain does not hurt as it became a constant part of life. There were no more disbelieves about life and it's aspects. The night now seemed to be friendly as it had wept with me all the time.
It gave me warmth in those cold winds which continuously spoke to me.
I can hear their laughter at my weakness. I can see them howling at my insignificance.

The night seemed to come to an end. There is a beginning to a new life with dawn arriving. I smile for the first time after so many tears. I smile looking at the light, which signifies hope, care and achievement.

As the dawn arrived, I can see the howls and laughter decrease with time. The cold wings now rush for a shelter. The arriving sun now stares me with a glint of hope that I would rise like him. The disappearing moon takes away it's glare off me. There is some silent music in the background or maybe its just me thinking of my achievement that I saw the beautiful dawn. That I survived the haunting night whom I befriended after sometime or maybe it melted seeing the scars which did not fill with time.

I can hear my voice and words coming back in my control. I can see the consequences of my choices now.
I could still understand life and what's more important is that, I learned that you don't find solace when you seek it around, but inside of you.

Tanishq Sharma

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  1. The last line reflects wonderful profoundness...that there's always hope and light inside us...only we need to get ignited :-) Nicely penned...


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