Tuesday, December 23

The Murder Victim - Some Stories Are Better Left Incomplete

The cold sting shot up her spine. The sight of a dead body lying in a pool of thick red blood was enough to make her sick. The fact that it was her rival didn't help either. Though she always hated her, death made matters complicated. A human thinks clearer in these situation. Moreover a teenager, with all those hormones swimming in the blood vessels, are worst while dealing with these matters.

She gently pulled out the knife lodged in the deceased’s stomach. Touching the cold blade finally freed the subdued emotions in her heart and she let out a cry. A man rushed, then another and soon there were a handful of adults.

The human possesses a judgmental character. The one which leaps to conclusions at the sight of things and thinks that he is the most right person in the room. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that every man possess a will of evil towards his fellow humans. He is just always under the impression that only he himself is right, unless someone agrees with him, then they are right too along with himself. This self-proclaimed king of human thus clouds himself from further truth and general opinion.

The knife in her hand, the dead body on the floor and the look of panic mistaken for hatred made matters worse for the heroine of this story. In a few days she was a criminal in the eyes of the public and some more days later, in the eyes of the law too, but I don’t think that matters here.
The way she was talked about was truly sorry for someone who knew the truth about the matters. Her, me and now everyone who’s reading this. She was cursed, tortured (mentally) and traumatized. And a fragile heart cannot bear these lies. Maybe because she had seen death before or maybe because someone drove her towards this; her body readily accepted her mind’s decision. She was no more.

The truth is known to only a handful of people. The spectators must rely on the trust they hold for any one of them and assume that to be the truth, but is it always true what you think is right? That’s it. We have got it. The truth is not what you feel is right or what others feel.

After all of this if I’m to tell you that she did commit the murder. It’s possible because I started this narration after the murder had been already committed. Your facts are only true as much as I tell you but are mine true. In the end ask this question to yourself, who is the murder victim here?

Aashish Nehete

We thank Aashish for taking out time and writing this short, but not sweet story for us! We look forward to have you on board, more than forever times. Cheers!
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