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Education gets ruined in India.

Stepping the stones of the Indian continent, the very first thing we observe and analyze is the ever-growing poverty. Poverty is the main cause of the increasing number of uneducated mass in India. Many of the growing sectors of India which form the core of the country are filled with the uneducated Indians which whole and sole bind together the contribution for the growing country.

The villages of India which are considered as the backbone of the country, leads to yet another fact, that the education has not been propagated among the masses. This takes away the very possibility of any country stepping into the fresh water when it’s trapped by mud from within. Poverty creates homeless, hungry and exposed people. The homeless ones are gasping to hide under a shed; the hungry ones are looking for food to survive while the exposed ones are striving to cover up themselves. In this endeavor, it becomes impossible for them to think about any other aspect, let be education alone.

 In a country which struggles to acquire the basic needs of Food, Cloth and Shelter, how can you expect a step further of Education? The society, community needs to realize the very outcome of such poverty, one being illiteracy which ultimately leads to backwardness. The government needs to look out for providing the basic needs to every individual in the country so their minds can be diverted towards the other step of living:  Being educated.
Another cause which is witnessed to form an obstacle in the path of Education in India is Corruption.

 Nowadays, Education is not being given, it is sold. It is sold in the name of highly acclaimed colleges, schools and private Institutions.  You pay money; you are delivered a printed paper of any degree of your choice. This hits the growth of country in the bitterest way possible. “You cannot sell education, you cannot buy education.” This seems to be proven wrong by the deeds of corruption in our very own country. Yes, take an example of admission by quota, yet another sensitive issue. In my point of view, the system should abolish quota system and should regard on merits. If a person has capabilities, the opportunities are automatically built.

The problem of education being sold again rolls over to the poverty issue where people are not even able to afford a living. This is how the education system in India is messed up.
Repeating the words of Nelson Mandela, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I would say, to bring up ourselves, we need to follow the instructions, To follow instructions, we need to know how to read and write, To learn to read and write, we need to get education, to get education , we need to step a point further, and to step a point further, we need to free ourselves from the bug of corruption, to free ourselves from the bug of corruption, we need to defeat the social evils of our community, and to destroy those evils, we need to differentiate between good and evil, and finally to do that, we need to be educated again.
You see, as I read in The Alchemist:Don’t forget that everything you deal with is only one thing and nothing else.”

Tanishq Sharma


  1. I really don't agree with the entire hypothesis.Yes the lack of education is killing India but not because of the reasons mentioned. India has made Education a Fundamental Right. Education is as accessible as all the other FRs. RTE is being implemented with as much gusto as possible. Education is made free, so the question of poverty vanishes automatically. Yes, some elite members of the society do regard education at premier institutes to be of paramount importance but that cannot be used as a fundamental assumption.
    Kindly try to stick to facts and expanded horizons when you deal with such issues and the so called "pessimistic nation policy bashing". The government policies may be messed up, but by saying they are messed up for the wrong reasons, your ignorance rather than your wisdom is exposed.
    No ill will born :)

    1. I beg to differ with both of u here on few points individually !! big deal if education is treated as our FR !! Siddharth , plz check conditions of education in govt schools where teachers are more than students and students get food so that they can be made to study !! schools are there but with no roofs..this is a step all in govt books !! however,education is not that costly as mentioned by Tanishq and a willing heart can manage his/her ways out(yes u got to be exceptional) scholarship programs, govt and private fundings are readily available for meritorious students .. I knew a few NGOs also who hunt down needy and meritorious students !! Yes literacy is a major weapon to fight out almost all evil but ... most of these evils are masterminded by highly literate individuals !!

    2. To say frankly are we talking about the past or present. WE say education system is completely messed up. Certainly corruption is deteriorating education and privatisation has just created a market for buying degrees...these are just one side of the coin and we are not looking at the sides for which we are responsible.

      IN THE POST above it is mentioned there are more teachers than student....but here's the fact that
      * In 2011 only 4% candidates cleared central proficiency test for teachers
      *In 2012 only 0.4% cleared it

      This indicates that there are not even enough teachers .....Each year of lakhs of engineering and degree students pass out with percentage that don't even reward them a fair chance of earning ..even if some of them attempted a lot of difference could be made.

      Talking about quota system, it is a necessity for only those who are badly tied by social systems..but many make use of loopholes that we cannot prevent.

      Even the growth rate of literate people is not stagnant ..but in comparison with other countries it is just slower..but many states are performing well.

      It is well said that education is a weapon for development..and our government funds institutes like IIT, NIIT, AIMS and many other institutes that trains the most premiere brains who fly into other countries..without providing any significant service to their country...even if half of them used their brains for our country then industrial growth would have reached double digit may be years back which can help in removing poverty.

      Certainly the trend is changing...but we are slower ...there are a lot of factors determining quality of education from political scenario to attitude of people ..and really speaking poverty is only one of them which a person can overcome if if his desire to learn supports him..because there are examples in history say ABRAHAM LINCON.

  2. I agree to your point that education is not reaching the poor. As per my observation, parents think that money is important for their survival and hence they make their children work too.If the parents have sufficient money to survive even then they dont send their kids, for education, thinking its an investment and what would be the is costly. govt has made some reforms in education sector, but to implement them it will take time. Most importantly the schools are not proper in our country and the most important are teachers are not motivated. Its a serious problem. Few kids, who are encouraged by their parents,and study from similar schools are well educated mostly due to their determination. Its well depicted in the movie ''I am Kalam'' and some insight is also provided in the discussion.

    One of the important reasons reservation was added into constitution was to lift the poor and give them the same facilities as the higher income people. But it is exploited well by the people who are economically sound and still use the reservation. I think, removing reservation will have problems for the poor. So it should be something on the basis of economic conditions.

  3. Education do not reach to poor to keep the flow of money uninterrupted to the rich. Money that comes by exploitation of cheap labour, never ending Loans and corrupt practices to cheat the taxpayers. The rich people know very well that if the poor become educated then their days won't last long. This is the reason why NGOs truly dedicated to the cause of development for the poor face thousands barricades.
    A very brave post to awaken the youth, Jagoe India.


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