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To create, "An Immune India" :)

Let me begin by asking a simple question. What is Immunity? 
Well, Wikipedia says, “That in Biology, immunity is the state of having sufficient biological defenses to avoid infection, disease, or any other unwanted biological invasion. It is the capability of the body to resist harmful microbes from entering it.” True enough. In my words I would say, it is how strong you are internally. If the viruses can attack or invade you easily, you have got a weak immunity.

In a country like India where the major population lies under the poverty line, it becomes very difficult to enable the proper physical development of economy. 
There are various reasons to why India lacks behind in producing the stronger growth systems of Individuals residing in the country.

The major reason being  poverty. Due to the lack of green Gandhis, parents are unable to provide food to their children. They grow up living in the harsh conditions where proper food is as scarce as their money. How can anyone concentrate on their immunities when the fight for survival never ends? Lakhs around the nation sleep without food, or feeding from the dirt on roads. On such level of cleanliness, how can we expect nutrition or a better immunity?

If you talk about government providing the necessities like mid day meal, then let me put forward some of the recent cases where one is perplexed whether to eat this or die hungry.
Bihar mid day meal case, 23 school kids die after taking poisonous food, principal surrenders. It’s like there is an option, die hungry in time, or have our food to die on the spot. That is not how India will progress their strong and healthy kids.

India is a country which resides on the roots of its villages. Going deeper in the problems concerning with health and immunity, I would say that the major problem in Indian villages is their under development. There is a proper need of sanitation in villages. The stagnant water lays openly, the mosquitoes breed, and in turn infects humans with deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, elephantiasis. The need of sanitation comes from the fact is that people still prefer dirtying the outside. They urinate in the places which is a consequence of not having a proper infrastructure. This creates and spreads diseases in a huge amount.

Even in the cities, the so called "Shulabh Shauchyalas" or the public restrooms lay in the condition too worst to be described. Believe me, You ll get infected if you come within the reach of 1 km (I don’t intend to exaggerate, Oops I just did). And talking about the cities, the condition of living is deteriorating, with food mixed with harmful chemicals. The colored food is another example of chemicals mixed. They, instead of making our immunity stronger, give us a court order of suicide.

One strong factor, about the condition of immunity and health in India  is the knowledge about hygiene. The amount of knowledge they have about  hygiene is equivalent to the amount of hygiene they possess. The people seem ignorant towards the mannerism and the etiquettes of proper living. They are ready to eat with the working hands! Common, you’ve got to wash hands before eating, that’s common sense.  If only India could launch awareness equivalent to IPL publicity, we would get a better and healthier nation.

The children in villages are born under conditions very far from the word 'healthy', its like them saying, “Hamari dictionary mein healthy naam ka koi shabd nahi” Seems funny right? It aint.
There isn’t any awareness created to aware the people and the mothers about the required vaccination for their ladlas and ladlis.

Sometimes, I don’t understand, Is it because they are alive, that they love them? Or it should be that they love them, they should be alive.
The water problem which the nation faces hampers the growth drastically. No water – no food – no nutrition – so obviously immunity? Nah!

There are still numerous things like proper nutrition in  places where they can be provided, a proper maintenance in the living areas which can be  done to provide a healthy living.

A healthy diet filled with all the minerals can provide every individual a better mental and physical growth.
There should be programs in order to tackle poverty, after all, if 7.92 trillion dollars of tax annually cannot make up for it, then sorry, I would say that it is not possible!

Tanishq Sharma

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  1. Views well Expressed:)
    Seriously,Government is taking it all easy...they should take a major step ahead for the betterment of people...
    After all we are living in the same world!!

  2. A nice post written sensitively. Good selection of pictures which compliment the text well. Good one! Keep blogging Tanishq!

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