Monday, July 1

The Only Words On Their Birth, "Its a curse".

Step out of the box and head towards the another ladder to climb the mountain.
The clouds of simplicity disappear and the miraculous power of the mighty one seems to be diminished.
Talk about the culture, discuss the evils of the society. Take the initiatives, make the old ones learn. All work, no harm. The result is unaltered. All roads lead to it. The cranky streets of India or the highways of humanity, they all possess the Gendercide. A discrimination to Humanity.

I speak no high, but as mentioned the facts of Gendercide, there are millions of females who are missing and are lost to cruelty and the savagery of this world.
The words are insufficient, actions provide no means to change, the vision is blurry and so do our minds.

Mr. Evan Grae speaks about this Gendercide.
Not only in the streets of India, but name the slums in every country, You will witness the hatred, the crushing of the heart's content and totally a new phase to the level of your imagination.

Some of the facts mentioned at various places includes the increased number of males compared to females.
Millions of abortions. Facts would be too less to compare to the in-humane and shameless phase of the society. Human rights you talk about? Nothing, but trashed drafts.

Words are spoken but aren't heard. Actions are done, but are never noticed.
Eyes are open but they don't see. Ears are open but they do not hear.
Examples are set but are never continued.
There is no one listening, there is no one answering.
There is no response from this numb society.

"Do not look up to him to solve a problem, He is never coming down to help you"
This is our world, every step to be taken is our initiative.
Lets not hold back courage and let the demeaning rituals rule over our hearts and let us prevent the bloodshed.
Let us be together and hold our hands firm, to stop the black pit to grow. To stop the destruction, to stop the well of hatred into which the feminine class falls.
Let us find the meaning of being a mother, daughter, sister.

Just like Mr. Evan Grae, I am asking you..
I am supporting, 
Will you? :)

Tanishq Sharma

partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

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  1. I like the way you have written your thoughts. Good going, You seem to have good potential Tanishq!


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