Tuesday, June 25

The Unfulfilled Promise - Some stories are better left incomplete..

The clock struck 11:00, which made her heart pound. Another 1 hour for the date she waited anxiously. Every passing minute made her uncomfortable with the  ever growing excitement and the fear of being unsure. Unsure of her plan, unsure of the execution of it and unsure of the future.

Those sixty minutes, all she could do is to float in the memories,bringing back the scent of those lovely times and how better could it be? They say time flies when you are having fun. But it seemed as if the statement did not hold true for her, since those innumerable memories could not allocate those petite sixty minutes.
She held his photo tight, close to her heart.

Things have changed between them in the last couple of years. She knew, that this was the last chance to mend the fences and retreat back to the times when going back to their love was their only survival option. She had no clue what had happened to them, or how the-once-upon a time love birds were in a flight very far away from each other. 
She could feel her moist cheek as she realized it has been more than forty-five minutes that tears were strolling by. Out of her control, out of her eyes.

Her train of thoughts had reached the last part of their journey and it felt as if, the journey would cause her life to halt with it. 
She looked at the watch a one more time. 15 minutes more. The god was testing her. Looking at her watch she was lost in the thoughts once again.

"Hello Madam, looking beautiful today", said Rahul admiring the girl he owed his world to.
"Only today? What do you mean, huh?", Naina was back to catch Rahul in each and every word of their conversation. He never minded it, he used to love how she cutely mastered the skill of mesmerizing him.
"Oh I mean, much more beautiful today", He always had an answer to all her questions.
"Yes-yes, Never mind, so what's the plan?" questioned back Naina. For her, comfortable is the word when she was with Rahul.

They had met through a common friend in the college fest, only to realize that they would never part again. But again, destiny had its say and the things were never the same. They eventually let distance come between them, and neither of them could understand how and why, things happened this way. Both were hoping to get back, but were unknown to each other's perspective. When one made a trial, other would let ego win over the situation and this possibly ruined every bit of their relationship.

"Oh the plan is to love you", said Rahul cheekily. He never missed his chance to love her. Why would he? He lived for that. 
"Well, It's my birthday, aren't you gonna make me feel special?"
To this, Rahul bent on his knees, asked for her hand and took out a beaded-strapped watch and put it on Naina's wrist.
He got up and whispered," I cannot hold back the time. neither can I make it move faster. I cannot trail back the time, neither can I foresight the future. But I would like to tell you, I can do all I can, to make your present remarkable and your time, with every passing second, beautiful, though not as much as you are." He kissed her tears as she was flowing into the emotions.
She embraced him with all the might she had with her eyes still closed and tears still flowing. She finally opened them to look at the beautiful watch. The shining red dial with the grey hands along the cream colored strap took her happiness to the new levels.

She looked at the same watch, but for her, time was not the same anymore.
The minutes tickled by...
Just 5 minutes had passed. 10 minutes more for his birthday. For Rahul's birthday. For their last chance to mend up. 

"Promise me one thing", said Naina, holding his arm along hers.
"Order, madam", said Rahul, stroking her hair behind ear.
"Whenever It is our birthday midnight, we would not attend anyone else's call. We both will be the first ones to greet each other." said Naina cutely, mesmerizing him once again.
"Done Madam, No one else, but you,I would talk on the midnight of my birthdays henceforth" said Rahul as he agreed to everything Naina used to put up.
Love was always in the air for them.

Five minutes more, her levels of excitement knew no bounds. She was jumping, hopping and holding her mobile in her hands, ready to press the green calling key and to continue their promise of being the first and the only one to talk to on the midnight of such a special occasion. She was hoping that this would make both of them realize the value of their love and how special they both meant to each other. 

She was all ready, waiting for those 300 seconds to end as soon as possible. She stared hard at the watch, counting with the seconds hand and going crazy.

As soon as the timer reached 15, she pressed the key and held the phone to her ear. Her heart was pounding harder than ever.

1 second passed, she hoped high.

2 seconds passed, her face drooped down a little.
3 seconds passed, tears were flowing.
4 seconds passed, she kept her phone down... 

And all that night, the only voice she could remember was, "The number you are trying to call is currently busy..."

- Tanishq Sharma.


  1. Its better some stories are left incomplete ....very true ...

    as i read this i cud visualize Naina's pain and how her heart was pacing up and down ....good read thanx for sharing

  2. The real stories are never complete they go on. The happy or sad endings are only ideal,theoretical and/or made by the story teller. There is no end in actual story as written here. Good going.

  3. Amazingly written, adore the writing style. How well have you captured Naina's excitement, high hopes which culminated into the inevitable pain - beautiful.

  4. yeah its true that somethings are better left unsaid.. this story is very expressive and I like your narrative style. lovely read. :)

  5. Amazing!
    Love your writing


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