Saturday, August 18

The Reality Of Independence... Are We Really Free?

Few hours back, I stood saluting the national flag as it waved long deep cuddling into the viridity of air which was filled by rhymes of Jana-Gana-Mana. The tri colored cloth, as it sailed along the wind brought back the memories and filled the moment with some of the bitterness asking, Are we really Independent?

Those fifty-two seconds of National Anthem, when echoed within my soul, body, heart made me once again realize those in-estimable blood sheds, those in-compared losses, those treasured tears and those prized heart winners, for whom Independence was not everything, but the only thing.
But one thing which hindered me a lot, which knocks at the door of this selfless effort is the increasing negativity in India. Call it corruption, poverty or Inequality, Our India is enslaved by it.

The Poverty, which doubts the Independence when we see miseries of children selling Indian flags at signals.
The corruption, which makes this country a captive of those corrupt ministers whose connivery fill the headlines of every news channel and the front page of every news paper.

The inequality of every human, who is ruled by another in this country which calls to give every Indian equal status, attacks a point where you stop believing that you are independent.

Celebrating the 65th year of Independence, you may not realize the mud around the lotus,but sure as hell, You cannot avoid it. 

The dreams of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh were not captive of JUST INDEPENDENCE from the british rule but they also longed to free India from the parasites of corruption, poverty.

Yet, Every 15th of August, we stand there saluting our ti-ranga and remembering their efforts, but at the same time failing to take that dream ahead.
Every 15th of august, is not only to remember their efforts but also to respect them by enlarging the viewscope to make a truly FREE India. Where one can breath air of real freedom, free from those bugs of corruption, poverty.

This is our India, and take it or no, YOU-ME, (WE) are responsible for any good bad happenings. Independence is what we seek, Independence is what we shall have.

Then only we can close our eyes, put our hands on our hearts and say loudly,
Saare Jahan se acha, Hindustan hamara... 


  1. Your blog as a whole is exactly what a blog should be fulfilling the optimization of many constraints. The topics in your blog is thought provoking but simple. You read the topic and unknowingly gulp the thought provocations which later on compel you to start thinking over the problem in your way be it simple or complex. Go on writing. These days people read the blog but never put the comments seriously. A comment hard or soft always helps the writer to write better. Some real good friends may help you.

  2. Thankyou So Much Pradip, It will surely help me in getting better outcomes of my hardwork :)


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