Sunday, January 27

An Ode To Childhood...

The time when getting high meant on father's shoulder and The real hero was Mom .

If Only God would give me a wish, I would ask him to bring back my childhood...

It was not long away, when the strolls of park would be converted into battles of playground,
It was not long away, when persuading for getting a chocolate seemed the hardest job.
Oh How can i forget those little times, when Pikachu used to be my best friend,
and Goku my idol..
There is a saying, "Day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, nothing is same."
Childhood is the golden time of life. In this path of growing up, we learn many different lessons, which makes us grow and finally we leave behind the traces of childhood and step into the reality of this world.

An Ode to Childhood,
A Poem by me..

Tanishq Sharma

The three stages :

Bruised and lonely as i sit, I ponder upon what has made me this.
Bending down to see how far does this go,
the shades of memories making me low.

The three stages of my life, i see.
Kid, Child and teenage namely.
Each emphasizing to its own,
Pointing out, every mistake, equally grown.

Giggles of a new born, do i hear,
Grumbles of a youth, do i hear,
Crises of my teen , do i hear.

I hear the agony of a broken crayon,
I see the distress of un-satisfied wish for a chocolate,
I feel the miseries of a broken heart.

I hear the bliss of making noises,
I see the pleasure of being the favorite child,
I feel the joy of getting someone's attention.

I hear the passing bells of a pram,
I see perplexity to decide the favorite cartoon,
I feel the dilemma of two different perspectives.

Walking beyond the lane of my memories,
i halt at a place called present,
I stand up from the place of despair,
Grasp all those sheds of tears and Smiles..

And Begin walking towards my future....


  1. As u grow so do ur parents.. To see ur child grow into a responsible adult and citizen is a wish every parent asks for.. When a child grows he should remember that parents will always be parents and to look upto them for their guidance in whatever you do..
    No doubt, childhood is a golden period but Sorry to say today's generation is eager to grow up fast.. (Doesn't apply to everyone though)..
    The poem was very touching..
    Take care :)

  2. The pics used in the article are apt.. What a bright star.. Sooner or later you are going to shine bright for your talent.. I will feel proud to have known you then.. I'm proud now too :)

  3. Indeed true, we rush into the snares to grow up, only to realize later that we forgot to appreciate what we had :)

  4. Thankyou Miss, that means a lot :)

  5. Beautifully written- as usual!! =)

    You wrote that poem?! AMAZING!! I should start promoting your Blog to all my friends across the globe! =P I hope you don't mind! =)

    Is that you?? O_O OMG!!! SO CUTE!! >///< !!

  6. Oh thanks a lot, and why will i mind my blog being promoted? :) do so :)
    and yea, that me :) Thankyou :)

  7. Done!!! I have put up your blog's link on pixiv and NND (Otaku stuff- you won't get it -_-)

  8. Btw, hope you recognized me THIS time! =P

  9. yea, Tanishka. I recognized on the first post itself :D

  10. Oh.. Okay! =P

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  12. You enter your child state during your sleep hours or period of meditation. The later is better as during this time your conscious mind also gets filled with the bliss of this feeling. once this gateway arrives you start getting other eternal joy and your subconscious mind starts the remedial action cr start correcting the trajectory of your present life. Star trying it the healing action will cool your mind.


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